Year-Round Guided Farm Visits

A guided farm visit is a central part of all of our safaris but can also be purchased as a stand-alone product in both winter and summer. Indeed, walk-in visitors and tour groups are welcome to visit our farm and to meet our 200+ dogs and pups throughout the year.

We can offer tours in English, French and Finnish and sometimes also in German or Spanish. If you have a particular language requirement, please book ahead.

We start each tour by introducing you to the dogs in our 'recuperation' area near the house - this is the area where all the dogs on medication or needing an eye kept on them, are temporarily housed. There are normally some good examples of Siberian and Alaskan huskies (and maybe Nenet Laika and Taimyr in the mix up there), so we explain the differences between the breeds and what they are all best suited to.

We then proceed down to the farm itself where we will share information about the culture and history of the sport as well as, of course, introducing you to all of the characters in the clean and well maintained kennel. It is a good opportunity to learn about the life of arctic huskies and their careers through the seasons - for instance about what they eat, how we train them and how we take care of them when sick. A highlight of every tour is, of course, meeting any pups we may have and playing with them a little bit.

Beware, our dogs love to have visitors and the sound of their greeting may last a while, particularly in summer when there are less visitors about. Once your tour has finished, you are welcome to spend time socialising with the dogs and potentially even giving them some of the treats (available for purchase) before returning to the farm.

Duration: c. 40 mins. (NB: If you want to add on an optional extra like the puppy agility course, your tour will end up lasting c. 1 hour).

Price: Adults €12, Bus groups (over 8 adults within the party) and tour groups €10pp, children €8, families €40 (< 5 people inc. up to 2 adults)

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Summer Daze with Farm Visit Add-On Activities

In summer, we can be more flexible and you can opt to start with a farm tour and then add on some of the other possible farm and husky activities:

For instance:
• a taster ride with the dogs by troll cart or quad bike (in summer and autumn) or sleigh (winter and spring)
• a 'puppy agility session' (which most choose to do with slightly calmer, older dogs),
• a GEE HAW maze training session which, along with hiking one of two local ridgewalks, are all options if you choose to do a small walk near the farm with the dogs.
• an evening feed challenge - be warned...this is not for the faint hearted!

If you approach your visit this way, we will not charge you separately for the farm tour. You will simply pay for whatever programme you end up choosing since the cost of the farm tour is included within each.

NB: Some summer visitors enjoy their add-on activities so much that they book a longer hike on one of Hetta's hidden trails for later in the week.