Paddling Courses

3-hour 'Introduction to Canoeing or Kayaking' Course

If you would like a quick refresher in kayaking or canoeing or would like to extend your stroke repetoir beyond simple forward and backward and sweep strokes, we can run a short but intensive technique clinic either from our downtown store (with kayaks) or from our put-in at the Suontajoki river (with canoes). Of course no skills clinic is complete without a few games so if it is a warm day, bring your sense of adventure and prepare to (potentially - and only if you get it wrong, of course!) get wet!

2-day 'Discover Canoeing' Course

We offer a 2-day beginner canoe course designed to teach foundation canoe-handling skills as part of a tandem crew along with the principles required to paddle safely as part of a supervised group. Canoeing (or open boating as it is often called) is a beautiful, elegant way of exploring the water using a single-bladed paddle and enjoying the wildlife and scenery. On the second day, you will refine your tandem skills during a journey from Muotkajärvi to Lake Ounasjärvi as well as being introduced to the art of solo paddling canoes.

2-day 'Discover Kayaking' Course

Our introduction to kayaking course includes an introduction to a number of different styles of kayaks and paddles as well as technique instruction in basic skills. Most kayaks are solo craft paddled with a double paddle and many can be rolled if a spray deck is used. However, we also have a number of tippy sprint boats which can't be rolled and which are generally paddled using a wing blade. Inuit paddle blades can also be tried. Techniques which will be covered include ike basic skills like getting into and out of boats, forward and backward paddling, sweep strokes, drawstrokes, high and low braces and an introduction to rolling for those who wish.

Price: Adults €165, Children €120
Duration: Both paddling courses are run across 2-days, for c. 5 hours each day.
Includes: The rent of the primary canoe or kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid for the duration, an introduction to other styles of boats and paddles, expert tuition, boat transfers to the put-in point for the journey on day 2 and a basic paddling certificate showing that you have acquired the basic skills.