Winter Fatbiking

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Fatbike / E-fatbike Experience Trails
6km Winter Trail
Aurora Bear Cabin by E-fat

Fatmax-Joring at the Farm
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Our fatmax-joring experience and our e-bike/fatbike experience trails on our boundary 2km loop and farm trails are the shortest biking products we offer (year-round). Fatmax-joring is basically a chance to experience being pulled by a dog, whilst riding a fat-tyred kick-bike.

Fatbiking and E-fat biking is possible year round but not necessarily on the same trails. In winter, we look for trails that are compact and ridable and we can even bike across lakes and rivers - something that is clearly not possibel in summer! Many people choose to rent bikes and just head out to explore for themselves but we think that you will probably have a better experience with the E-fats in winter on a guided tour since it is pretty impossible to explain where the compacted tracks are likely to be at any given time. Hence, we have a variety of track options available for people to consider.

2km Forest Maze

For those hoping to simply try out fat bikes or E-bikes on snow for the first time in winter, our farm trail tracks are normally sufficiently consolidated to provide a good taster experience.

Fatbikes: Adults €35, Children €25. E-bikes: Adults €45, Children €35. FYI E-bikes need to be booked in advance or the batteries may not be ready to go. (If the case, consider fat-maxing with the dogs providing the power instead!) Duration: 1.5 hours
Includes: Bike, helmet, guide.

6km Taiga Fatbike / E-fat Tour

Our well-compacted 6km tracks provide a slightly longer option for testing out fatbikes and E-fats since these trails are groomed daily for the husky tours. The trail starts and finishes at the farm and crosses long marshes and rivers as well as winding through tight forested sections of wilderness.

Price: Adults €80 (fatbike) / €100 on E-fat

Price: Children €50 (fatbike)
Duration: c.2 hours
Includes: Bike, helmet, guide.

Aurora Bear Cabin by E-bike

Just 8km from our base we have a wilderness cabin nestled high on a hillside which is a great place from which to witness the amazing northern lights. Whilst it is totally possible to organise this tour in the daytime, many people prefer an evening tour since it is such a wonderful experience to be out riding under the dancing aurora.

Even on the coldest days your powerful electrically-assisted fatbike will have enough power to help you to get there and back and once there, we will spend about half an hour hanging out whilst having a hot drink and snack. FYI: It is also possible to spend the night at this cozy cabin - which gained its name from the bear-tracks and elk carcass we found on its doorstep one spring. Arctic sleeping bags are supplied. This costs €275pp. Enquire for availability.

NB: There is quite a steep climb just before this cabin - which is one of the reasons why it is such a good vantage point. However, if you feel like this might be a bit too strenuous for you - or if you have booked the tour just after a deep snowfall - we might pick an easier route on more compacted trails to a closer cabin which also has a great northern light vantage point across the expanse of Lake Ounasjärvi. It is also possible for a couple or 2 adults and a child to bike out to, and sleep at, this cabin.

Price: Adults €149, day tour: €275 full-board with an overnight in a wilderness cabin.
Duration: 5 hours
Includes: Electrically-assisted fatbike, helmet, knowledgable guide.