Our Doggy Family 'Tree'

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Before we take you to cute puppy shots, however, we thought we would explain a little about the dog lineages on the farm so that you could see how everything slots together, as well as giving the first 'table overview' of how and when the dogs arrived:

When Hetta Huskies was set up, the dogs were selected from four main places: Kari's 100+dog safari farm in Luosto, Juha-Pekka's 300+dog safari and racing kennel in Inari, Dominik's small collection of racing dogs in Sweden and Torben's safari and racing kennel in Sweden.

2007 - 2008 Initial Dogs 44 from Juha Pekka 6 from Kari 4 from Dominik

In later years we bred many of our own dogs (after all, they are great!) and we also fostered pups from other farms some years. Twice there was a boom in the industry which we didn't want to meet through breeding (because of the life-time commitment and too many dogs ending up being old at the same time) so we instead bought dogs of mixed ages from Norwegian race kennels and bred some fluffier lines in-house to maintain the range of dog types within the overall mix .

2008 November 2008 3 Litters Sanna and Bono's Pups Madonna and Sausage's pups, Princess and Chocolate's pups

Dogs from Kari's farm.

Our first four dogs, Princess, Cloud and Sausage and Chocolate, all came from Kari in the winter of 2007. Bono and Madonna and the three sisters Trouble, Grumpy and Pinky, followed shortly afterwards. Whilst the Princess siblings were pretty pure-looking Siberians, Chocolate and the look more like greyhound mixes. Hence, we have two distinct strains running through our pups - many of whom have descended from this group of dogs.

Princess, Madonna, Trouble and Grumpy have all had litters and Bono, Chocolate and Sausage have all been fathers. You can learn more about Princess's, Madonna's, Trouble's and Grumpy's litters, below - and also see shots of their pups in their early stages.

Princess' Litter: 2008

Madonna's Litter: 2008

See also 'Trouble's Litter, from 2010 and Grumpy's Litter from 2011.

Dogs from Dominik's farm.

Dogs from Dominik's farm look like more typical racing Alaskan huskies. Their hair is relatively thin, many have floppy ears and some are really good. Lizzy, Monty, Muck and Bernie are all from there. Lizzie was too old to breed when she got here but she was an important leader in her day and very much became Anna's soul dog.

Much became one of the best dogs on the farm and was a good father candidate - although others think that Monty somehow beat him to the mark with Trouble's litter (see above). These dogs were all part of our original 16 dogs who lived with us from Spring 2008 (Sanna, Samu and Fonina also arrived before any other dogs from the Juha-Pekka farm).

Dogs from Juha Pekka's farm.

Juha-Pekka's dogs on the whole are fairly typical siberian crosses - long haired endurance dogs which are good for multi-day safaris with a few faster dogs in the mix. Most were relatively shy when they arrived with us in the Autumn of 2008 but have been gradually coming out of their shells.

Dogs that stand out from this farm include Fonina, Matsku, Pepe, Sanna, Samu, Max, Bella and Jupi.

Both Sanna and Samu have had litters, Jopa is a dog which has fathered a litter (with Matsku) and we also attempted to mate Pepe (with Trouble), once. You can learn more about Sanna's first litter (the second litter is listed under 'Pasi Heinonen's farm) and Matsku's litters, below - and also see shots of their pups in their early stages.

Sanna's Litter: 2008

Matsku's Litter: 2009

2010 1 litter of pups Trouble and Monty's pups
Trouble's Litter: 2010

Grumpy's Litter: 2011
(Rose & Catherine's pups)

2011 1 litter of our own + a few more Grumpy and Tengri's Feb. Pups Maija's pups and Darja's Pup

2012 1 foster litter Detective Foster Pups

2013 1 rescue litter and 1 foster litter The Spring 'A' Pups The Fostered 'Litter of the Gods' from Aki Holk
2014 2 Litters & 2 Adoptions Hippi's Pups Sanna's Pups The Hyper Pouchons The Super Monsters
2015 No Breeding
2016 1 litter & Some Norwegian Dogs Venla & Pikkis' Pups Some Norwegian Dogs
2017 3 Litters & Some Norwegian Dogs Cookie's Pups Saturn's Pups Sirbma's Pups Norwegian Dogs
2018 2 Litters Sookie's Pups Hailey's Pups Some Norwegian Dogs

Dogs from Torben's farm.

12 dogs came to us from Torben in the summer of 2009 when he was down-sizing his kennel. A further two, Togo and Balto, came in Autumn 2010. They are loosely related to Leon through Nikoli, Torben's main leader. In 2018 we had more dogs from Torben and they, like the Bandit pups, were pretty shy (Hera, Hope, Miri, Cinnemon, June and co). We also got a number of other dogs through Torben; Laura, Grizzly, Hailey and Cookie. In 2019, he asked us to take Poncho, Laijma, Steger, Chica, Elsa and Prim. Chica, Poncho and Steger were pretty unsocialised when they arrived but Steger in particular became a shy but solid sleddog.

Dogs from the Saari farm.

Both Bonzo, Darja's sole pup, and Maia's pups came to stay with us in the summer of 2011. They were old enough to get a tiny bit of training at the start of the season and a few of them even ran with clients during the last few safaris of the 2011-12 season. Little Mallibu (RIP) was part of Maia's litter but unfortunately is no longer with us.

Maija's Litter: 2008 (Doris' pups)

Darja's Pup: 2009

The A Team

The A team came to us in the 2012-13 season from friends in Muonio who, as foster parents, already had a huge household of kids and quickly realised, once their litter of pups had passed the 'super cute and no work' stage, that 6 new bundles of joy which had come as an accidental match between their husky and an unknown neighbourhood dog - in addition to everything else they were dealing with - was kind of enough to push things over the top. Hence, they first asked us to keep five of their pups and then, a couple of weeks later, asked us to take another. That is why Aslan, Aleu, Arun, Amber and Anouk all have names starting with A, and (H)alla's name is often seen written thus on our charts.

The 'A' Litter

Dogs from Pasi Heinonen's farm.

Pasi Heinonen is a race musher from Muonio from whom we fostered one group of pups in the winter of 2012-13. We were going to buy two of the pups at the end of the winter but when he offered us one in free, in thanks for having cared for them through their pivotal first months, Pasi got all tongue tied and didn't want to ask for the second. We had planned to keep both Starsky and Sherlock (with little Lacey being a close contender) but we ended up with just Starsky. We liked Starsky so much that in the autumn of 2014 we bought a bitch pregnant with a known combination of father and at about the same time that the sale was agreed, reaslied that Starsky had had his wicked way with one of our good dogs so we shrugged and let fate decide whether we would get a litter from that mating or not. (Anna would have aborted at that point but Pasi couldn't resist). Hence, we got a second generation of Sanna's pups as well as the planned pups from Hippi in the Autumn of 2014.

The 'Detectives': 2012
(Meike, Carmen & Sian's pups)

Hippi's Pups: 2014 (Erin's pups)

Sanna's 2nd Litter:
2014 (Erin's pups)

Dogs originating from Aki Holk's (and the Valimaa / Sven Engholm) farm.

The 'Gods' came to us as foster pups at the start of the 2013-14 season and Anna choose two to keep (Buddha and Venla (Venla mostly because Pasi had really wanted Lacey from Starsky's litter and had given in to Anna's selection). She didn't think that Zeus was going to be much good and made a bet with Pasi about it (based purely on a gut reaction about what she had seen of him during the client season on the agility course) even though he was clearly going to be stunning and soon surpassed Eros in the good looks department.

Litter of The Gods: 2013 ('Manu and Evie's pups')

Venla's 'Mountain' Pups: 2016

2016 Pups & New Farm Additions

The Golden Compass Pups: 2016

Other dogs that came from Norway at that time included Malm from the same kennel as the pups.

Malm's father was Naxos (FL-1000 Champion from Harald Tunheim) and mother, Loca, from Roger Dahl. In turn, Naxos came from Bengt (Sven Engholm) & Grayling (Harald Tunheim) with grandparents from Geir Martinsen and Harald Tunheim. Loca came from Svea (Roger Dahl) with grandparents Kvikk (Rune & May Johansen) and Jarvi (Terje Aunevik).

Malm's siblings are Vagabonds Diabas, (who competed in 2016 - Bergebyløpet 650 2016 - Alta 2-dagers 2015 - Alta 2-dagers), Vagabonds Klink, Vagabonds Knusern (who competed in 2016 - Finnmarksløpet 1000 2016 - Pasvik Trail 2016 - Bergebyløpet 650 2016 - Alta 2-dagers, Vagabonds Pukka (who competed in 2016 - Alta 2-dagers 2015 - Alta 2-dagers 2015 - Bergebyløpet 150) and Vagabonds Stuffen (who competed in 2016 - Bergebyløpet 650 2016 - Alta 2-dagers 2015 - Alta 2-dagers).

Sirbma also arrived that year. She was born 31.05.12 and sold to us by Brynjar Berg Myreng who, with Vidar Uglebakken, is part of Team Uglebakken Sledehund. Sirmba, was 14th in FL500 in 2014 and 9th in 2016. She was 3rd in the Alta 2 Dagers 3 in 2015 and 2016 and 2nd in the Troms quest in 2016. Mother: Pepsi (Bjørnar Andersen). Father: Juta (Ralph Johannesen).

Sirbma's mother, Pepsi, was Vidar's first leader and came from Are Baker / Bjørnar Andersen. Pepsi's pedigree can also be found through racedogs.org. Her father was Juta, one of Ralph Johannesen's best dogs. Juta's father, Øre, was twice a Finnmarkslopet 1000 Champion.

Unni, born 18.03.15, came to us as a young dog from the same place and quickly became a favourite of Eliel's. They had purchased her from Harald Tunheim of North Cape Huskies and her father was either Gale or Alopex and her mother was either Snuta or Cookie.

Svale and her daughters Gamma and Delta, also came to us from Marianne Skjøthaug. Bölle came to us from Vestavinden Husky and Nuna and Väk from Hanne Bakken Johansen. Eclipse, Maya and Sequoia came to us from Karasok and Jap, Dole and Doffen, from Solve Monsen. Teasers arrived as a rescue.

Dogs originating from Norwegian Kennels.

In the summer of 2016, we realised that we would need more dogs for a winter that was predicted to be very busy. Whilst looking for some adult dogs from Norway, I came across a couple of pups with good pedigree from Mikal Laines and they came to join the family along with an adult from the same farm, called 'Vagabonds'.Malm.

2017 Pups & New Farm Additions




A number of dogs also came to us from Norway including Dunhill and Billie from the Walseth kennel; Beta, Happy, Jenga (sister of Chess), Chess, Selje, (sister of Pil) and Pil from Marianne's kennel; Duotta, Mollis (named after Mollisjok mountain lodge), Iess (named after Iesjavre the bigger lake in Finnmark), and brother of Mollis, Humlis (named after a Norwegian flower) and Bali (named after a bitch called Ballerina from a Tunheim-litter) from Roger Fossey's kennel; Ulna, Elle and Litja from Martin André Aslaksen; Anton, a full Siberian from Hans Peter Harangan; Frida and Cookie (who arrived pregnant) from Kenneth; Yukon and Quest from Stefan Falter and Lasse from Mikal Lanes.

2018 Pups & New Farm Additions

Hailey's Snow Pups

Sookie's Bird Pups

Manus, Laddie, Pukka and Diabas came to us from Mikal Lanes; Pia, Teddy, Moonshine, Flight, Nurmi, Harley, Varg, Bjornar as rescues from Norway; Laura, Grizzly, Hailey, Cookie (who became Sookie) and Grizzly came as rescues from Sweden and Cinnemon, June, Hope, Hera, Miri from Torben in Sweden.

2019 Pups & New Farm Additions

A number of dogs also came to us from Sweden including Elsa, Prim, Chica, Poncho, Steger and Lajma from Sweden and Cola, Pepsi, Frigg, Balder, Pilot, Kobber, Kvede from from Solfrid Monsen in Norway. We also had three 'hotel' dogs called Bee, Emily and Ragnor who were to stay for a month but stayed for a year.

2020 Pups & New Farm Additions

Jenga's J Pups

A number of dogs also came to us from Solfrid Monsen in Norway including Solfrid, Buddy, Drax and Froya. And a dog called Diablo from Western Norway.

Selje's S Pups