Lappish Joiku Evening with Traditional Open-Fire Cooked Reindeer Meal

A joik is a traditional form of song of the Sami people of the Nordic countries and Kola peninsula of Russia. Originally, joik referred to only one of several Sami singing styles, but in English the word is often used to refer to all types of traditional Sami singing, whether the traditional 'mumbling' style or the modern contemporary Joiku which tends to be more a form of story-telling. As an art form, each joik is meant to reflect or evoke a person, animal, or place and is deeply personal or spiritual in nature. Joiking is still practiced today as a source of inspiration, despite attempts to forbid it, in the 1950s.

We think that those who journey to Lapland without experiencing Joiku, miss out on something incredibly special. Hence, we offer Joiku evenings right in the heart of our farm, in our (luckily sound-proofed, or the dogs would for sure join in) farm kota. The performance is either given before or after the main food which is a traditional reindeer meal, prepared on the central open fire. As an aside, your artist, a local resident, 'Joiked' himself to second place a few years back, in 'Finland's Got Talent'. The story behind each joik is presented beforehand, and as such, allows you to gain a good insight into Lappish life.

Some think that the sound of joik is comparable to the traditional chanting of some Native American cultures or the shamanistic chanting of Siberia, which mimics sounds from nature. I think of it more as 'Lappish Yodeling'. As the Sami culture has no written language, there are no references to how or where joik originated. According to oral traditions, the fairies and elves of the arctic lands gave yoiks to the Sámi People. Music researchers believe joik is one of the longest-living music traditions in Europe.

The evening is an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to experience this part of the Sami culture which is seldom shared with outsiders.

Price: depends on group size.
2 people minimum, €175 per person. 3-4 people, €125 per person. 5 - 8 people, €90 per person. 9-12 people €65 / person.
Programme Duration: 2 hours
Price Includes: traditional Lappish reindeer meal and local entertainment.