Guides Being Guides

Life as a guide is, in some ways, truly monotonous since the same basic tasks need to get completed to exacting standards, year round. However, as everyone who has ever worked with animals knows, once they are in the equation, nothing ever goes truly as planned. In fact, therefore, this is one of the least monotonous jobs available! Arguably one of the best parts of the job (in winter) are what the guides call 'everyday Indianna Jones moments'....moments when the adrenalin suddenly starts flowing and they have to do a save of a sleigh a client has just fallen off / have to intercede in a fight / have to generally set the world to rights in some heroic way. It is a pretty fun way of life, truth be told, and life is obviously not just about work. The arctic is a great playground in which to also play and our guides try to take full advantage of that fact whilst here. Hence, these images try to convey a little bit of what it means to be 'an Arctic Husky guide'. Enjoy.