Other Amenities in Hetta, Enontekiö

This section simply provides an overview of the other facilities and amenities available to both locals and visitors during their time in Hetta and Enontekiö.
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Health Centre
The health centre is open during normal working hours, Monday to Friday. Visitors with a standard EU health card can visit the doctor or dentist at the same cost as a Finnish local. It is possible to get basic bloodwork and other standard tests carried out here but for more complicated tests, you will be advised to go to Muonio (100km) or Rovaniemi (300km). Call +35816534700/ 016 534700 to make an appointment.

The dentist's office is based in the health centre and visits can be made on the same basis as per locals if you hold an EU health card. Generally there is one relatively low fee for an emergency check-up and temporary filling and a slightly larger fee for a more complicated fix (which will normally involve a second appointment, assuming that you are staying in the area long enough).

Veterinary Clinic
The veterinary clinic in Hetta is open on each weekday between c. 8am and 4pm. Vets are on call in the evenings and every c. third weekend. For the other weekends in the month, you will need to travel to either Muonio (c. 100km, where there is a clinic every Tuesday and during on-call weekends) or to Kittilä (c. 200km) or to Sodankylä (c. 300km).

Call Marianne on 00 358 40 6621452/ +358406621452/ 00 358 40 6621452/ +358408653766" / 00 358 40 8653766 and leave a message during the working week if there is something urgent and they don't answer (because they are most likely operating).

NB: If there is a long answering machine message on the weekend, it is probably saying that the clinic is not in Hetta. If you like, you can call us and we can try to interpret the message or act as a liason between you and the vet (since some of the Kittilä and Sodankylä vets don't speak very good English). If you are travelling due South of Muonio towards Oulo / Tornio, there is a vet in Kolari who speaks good English and one of the most experienced vets in the region is based in Pello.

All can advise on border crossing requirements for your animals and remember that we run a dog hotel if you want to pop to Norway for the day and leave your dog behind with us for that time.

Physio Hetta
Experience the amazing outdoors followed by a relaxing massage and physiotherapy! You can book an Osteopathic massage (mobilizing osteopathic massage manipulates the muscles as well as the joints, tendons and ligaments. The treatment helps to relax the soft tissue and increases the mobility and elasticity of the joints) or you can ask for help with Kinesiology tape. This is used to ease pain, guide movement or muscle to right direction, to fix or remind about the right posture or to support the joints. The kinesiology tape can also affect the blood circulation under your skin or the fascias. The tape may not obstruct movement, but it is to be used as part of therapeutic treatment. Movement is a cure when the doze is correct – a rehearsal programme designed for you according to your current physical condition is the best rehabilitation. Tel. +358 40 5266 821/ +358405266821/ +358 40 5266 821


The library is located on the left hand side of the school building, about 2/3 of the way down the building. Follow the signs for 'Kirjasto'. It is open Mondays 12 – 7, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10 – 4, Thursdays 12 – 7 and Fridays 10 – 4. To join, you just need to fill in a form and provide a current Finnish address. No ID is required and you can take out as many books as you like for 4 weeks at a time. They have a small selection of books in English. A library bus also visits Hetta periodically. (Phone 040 357 9905 / +358403579905 / 040 357 9905/ Email: [email protected]).


The launderette is in the second block of the shopping complex on the road to Norway.

Municipality Building
This is downtown, almost opposite the 'red shop', next door to one of Hetta's two silver shops. It is open Mondays to Fridays (closing earlier on Friday afternoon) and is closed on the weekend. It has free (working and reliable) wifi available and is usually a quite place to log-on, with power-points and fairly comfortable sofas available. It also has a PC available for those without their own laptop.

There is one bank in the centre of Hetta (opposite the school playground) which has an automat outside it.

Petrol Stations
As mentioned above, the post office (turn left from the Alta road at the T-junction and it is on your left) is the main petrol station although there is a second at the actual junction to Norway which is arguably one of the most expensive in Finland. On a positive note, the junction station contains various useful items that can't be found elsewhere in Hetta so outdoors people, fishermen etc may find things of interest here.

There are two main garages in Hetta. One is behind the shops on the road to Alta on the right hand side, heading North. Tauno Konttinen is the owner. Tel: 00 358 40 5218502 / +358405218502 / 00 358 40 5218502. He doesn't speak much English but his wife runs the laundrette just down the road and she does, and can help translate. Tauno is one of the people you would also call to get you out of a ditch if you got stuck.

Jari Joki runs the second garage (on the left of the road leading out of the centre of town, past Cafe Sila, towards Majatalo guesthouse. Tel: 040 8209308. Jari can also rent you snowmobiles with or without a guide. www.joensafarijakone.fi

There is also a garage at Palojoensu which means that you don't need to organise a tow all the way to Hetta if you get caught out on the main highway. And there is a wheel / tyre shop signposted on the left hand side of the road as you approach Hetta just before the church if you need help in that area.

There is also a fuel distribution point in Palojärvi.

Polar Lento: Flying Service
Polar Lento has operated in the Käsivarsi region for more than 30 years. We fly our customers with years of experience to the fell lakes in Käsivarsi and to the Swedish Lapland.

Our flying destinations include some of the best fishing waters and finest hiking trails. We also rent rubber boats and canoes. In addition, we take you to see the amazing views of Kilpisjärvi fells from the air. We fly to several destinations in Kilpisjärvi region. Contact. 00358 400 396 087 / +358400396087 / +358 400 396 087. Email polar.lento[at]harriniva.fi for more information.


Paavo: 0400 993745
Erkki: 0400 393464
Kultima Taxi (Esko ja Markku): 0400 395812
Eila Keskitalo: 0400 392 250 / (016) 525 158.
Sirkka Kuru: 0400393308 / 0400393308

Hospital Taxi Service: 0200 99 000
Jim Niemelä (Peltovuoma): 040 1204040: [email protected]
Taxi Petterin Pirssi (Karasuvanto): Petter Kotavuopio: 0400 992211.