Three-day Taiga Tour

Please note that whilst we offer 2-day and 5-day safaris each week through the season, we only offer our 3-day safari product as a standard part of our weekly program from April, so please request departure dates from April, unless making a group enquiry. If there is definitely going to be an earlier departure, it will be listed on our availablity page.

This three-day product is a full-on mushing experience which is ideal for people planning a short but adventurous break from normal life. Whilst our two-day program stays relatively close to our Arctic base, the extra night in the 3-day package enables us to explore a little further from home and to therefore encounter a wider variety of arctic landscapes.

This mushing journey in our taiga tour is the same as in our 'taiga tour + package (formerly known as our 5-day forests and fells' package), but without the hotel nights and full board on either side.

We have a variety of 3 day route options and we select the final journey based on factors like weather, group size and cabin availability. Regardless of the final selection, the route is long enough for you to form bonds with your dogs and it will definitely be hard to say goodbye to them at the end.

One route option heads out to the Sami village of Nakkala, either as an out-and-back trip or in a circular tour. The landscape and views on the last day of this journey can be spectacular.

Another route goes to a very remote trappers cabin on the banks of the Palojöki river, on the edge of the Tarvantovaara Wilderness area. This cosy cabin is exactly what folk imagine when they think of a tiny cabin in the middle of the arctic wilderness. It is also the most sheltered so it is the best overnighting option for the dogs in inclement or very cold weather. Hence, this is often our choice during the coldest weeks but please don't ask us where we are going since the optimal route decisions are often made very late in the day.

Regardless of route choice, please note that you need to be reasonably fit and comfortable with being outdoors for a large part of the day in cold winter conditions to take part in this tour even if none of the routes spend a lot of time above the treeline in the more extreme tundra landscapes encountered in the 5-day tours.

General Information Programme Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Number of Days of Mushing: 3

Availablility: From the 3rd week of March, until the end of April (unless specific dates are advertised as being available prior to that). Please check here to find out current availability). Private / Group tours: Clients wanting private tours or 6-pax group bookings can enquire as to the possibility of an earlier date being made available.

Price: Solo Sleigh €1250
Price includes: 3 full days of mushing over a distance of 90 - 120km, all meals for the duration of the product and 2 nights in cabins (first night at the farm kota). Clients are responsible for their own airport to hotel and to farm transfers, hotel nights and board on either side of the safari although a package price with room and board either side is also possible. In this, the first night is normally spent on the farm with the dogs and the last night, in a local family-run hotel.

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Client Feedback:

Best Experience of My Life! 3 day Circular Tour. My 3 friends and I went on the 3 day circular tour with Raya, Pasi and Kit. We helped with harnessing our teams, feeding them and putting them to bed for the night. The experience was unbelievable, sledding through the arctic circle with amazing dogs who love to work hard and also cuddle up to you at night. The food was surprisingly yum for camp food as well!! 

"I did the 3-days huskysafari with my friends and the experience was wonderfull. Our guide showed from the beginning 'till the end that he really cared about us and the dogs. He took time to explain us many things about the dogs, their characters, and how to mush."

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