Day Tours by Snowmobile

Classic Hetta Daytime Trails

There are a vast number of snowmobile route options just around Hetta. Our standard 20km trail heads out from the farm towards the airport on a fun rolling section of small hills under the powerlines. From there we loop back onto the large expanse of Lake Ouasjärvi before returning to base. We have two main alternative which we use during our standard 30km husky safari and one to our hilltop Aurora cabin. The choice of route is at the discretion of the guide Let us know where you have already visited and we will take you somewhere new!

Distance & c. Duration: 20km & c.1.5hr safari
Person on a shared snowmobile or in a heated Bubble Sleigh: €80 per person
One person per snowmobile: €140
Person in an open Snowmobile Sleigh: €40 per person
Price includes: a snowmobile helmet (FYI: some of the older helmets have visors but some of the newer styles do not), the use of the snowmobile / snowmobile sleigh as appropriate, snowmobile driving instructions and a guide accompanying the journey on a lead snowmobile.

Optional Extras (subject to availability): Snowmobile-suitable clothing and boots can be rented for €5 / piece (for jackets, sallopetes and boots) and €2.50 for gloves / hats / socks / buffs. FYI: If you will definitely need these items, please check that we have the capacity ahead of time (since most of our clients come already dressed for the arctic). A tour of the husky farm can also be arranged as an optional extra.

FYI: If you wish to go in the heated bubble sleigh, we charge for a minimum of 4 people since logistically we need different snowmobiles and drivers. You can, of course, cover the price for 4 pax in order to make sure that the tour runs.

FYI: At the height of the season, we only offer this tour at 8.30am on week days or in the late afternoons (since the snowmobiles are primarily needed to provide back-up to our daytime husky tours). On weekends, however, there may be availability in the early afternoons or even mornings.

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Palojoki Wilderness Cabin Tour.

This is a really fun tour to a very remote and rustic wilderness cabin that can only be accessed by skidoo or dogsled in winter or by canoe or kayak in summer.

The tours starts out on the municiaplity's marked snowmobile trails but soon branches off onto some less used trails heading in the direction of the tiny historic Saami village of Suntajärvi. The Suntajärvi lake can be quite wet to cross since it doesn't get much traffic but once we have left the village behind the remaining trails skirt around the edges of the Tarvantovaara Wilderness Area until you reach the tiny collection of trappers cabins.

We will take a quick break in the cabin for hot chocolate and some cookies. If time permits, you could even help the guide to do a small amount of snow work to keep the cabin and the dog cages accessible and safe - since these cabins are not so frequently visited and the snow load can build up quickly. (Doing the work needed whenever a location is visited is a standard part of living in the arctic: even if it wasn't, it would be the environmentally responsible thing to do to reduce unnecessary journeys to wilderness locations!)

Distance & c. Duration: 40km & c.2-3 hour safari
Person on a shared snowmobile / in a heated bubble sleigh: €120 per person.
One person / snowmobile: €240
Person in an open Snowmobile Sleigh: €75
Price includes: A helmet, guide and the snowmobile / snowmobile sleigh as appropriate.

Snowmobile-Snowshoe Adventure Package

If you are looking for something a little bit special, why not try our snowmobile - snowshoe adventure combination package which takes you to our hidden aurora cabin perched on a secluded hilltop in the middle of nowhere.

We use either our shared snowmobiles (don't worry - we will teach you how to drive them safely) or our snowmobile bubble sleigh as a means of transfer to the base of the wooded hill on top of which the cabin is perched and then change into snowshoes for the short hike to cabin. Once at the cabin we hang out for a bit and enjoy hot coffee and cookies before descending back down to the snowmobiles (a lot of fun!!) and heading back to base.

The 'Aurora' cabin is obviously a great place to see the aurora from - but it is also a super cool place to go to in the daytime. Despite being relatively close to Hetta you really feel like you are truly in the middle of nowhere when you are there. The animals must think so too, since we have even seen elk carcasses and bear footprints right outside this cabin in spring.

Distance & c. Duration: 20km & c.3 hours
Person on the guide-driven sherpa snowmobile / in a heated bubble sleigh / on a shared snowmobile: €120 per person.
Group Size: This is something that we normally offer to groups of 6 or more people. Price includes: A helmet, guide and the snowmobile / snowmobile sleigh as appropriate.