Autumn in the Arctic

Autumn in the arctic is a season of blazing trails, sensational sunsets and spectacular northern-lights.
It is not surprising that this is one of the most popular times of year for Finnish people to choose to holiday in Lapland.

Northern lights can be spectacular at this time - and of course it is dog training season so in addition to our standard day adventures and farm visits, we run a serious of aurora chasing multi-activity weeks, husky training camps and husky-guide training courses.

By September the visiting summer mosquitos have disappeared, the landscape is awash in colour and the play potential is endless. A range of activities are available in the arctic at this time; husky hiking, back-packing from hut to hut, kayaking and canoeing, fat biking, northern lights watching etc. Courses can be custom made but our short 'experiential' guide experience and guide-training packages, like the 'day in the life of a husky guide' product described here, are particularly popular. These experiential 'behind the scenes' experiences on the sled-dog farm last anything from 1 day to 1 week in length.

Nights can already be sub-zero in September and mornings will be crisp and cool, sometimes with a layer of hoar frost on the ground. Daytime temperatures are pleasant although these get progressively colder until there is permanent snow cover on the ground and we switch to sleigh training.

Contact us directly if you are interested in joining us for longer periods of time - or have a look at the husky guide school section of this website. We may be able to come up with a customised product just for you.


Our week-long northern lights multiactivity week packages are offered at the same time as our husky guide school and Lappish bushcraft courses and husky-training camps. We tend to be able to be pretty flexible at this time of year so if people want to maximise their chances of seeing the lights we can camps which start in the afternoons and end in the evenings which focus on either water or hiking or biking or huskies a combination of all of these.


Autumn is our main training season for the dogs and would-be mushers are welcome to join our conditioning camps. This is the time of year when guides are with the dogs nearly every hour of the day, trying out new combinations of dogs and reminding them about how to behave. If it is the dogs that drive you, this could actually be the best time of year to experience life with the huskies.

We also have a range of guide-training schemes available to those of you who have been fully bitten by the husky / mushing bug. You can join us for anything from one day (for a taster experience) to a year (for gap-year placements) if you are interested in the 'behind-the-scenes' life of a husky guide.


If you are just passing through the area and want to spend a day being active, choose from a range of day adventures on offer at this time. You can also hire bikes or kayaks or canoes to create your own mini adventure.


Our dry-land mushing adventure with troll carts or even kickbikes or fatbikes is very popular. You could also include that activity within a multi-activity farm adventure morning or day. Alternatively, you can make the dogs super happy by simply taking them for a fun hike. You might also choose to go further afield either by yourself or with a guide to explore more of this arctic playground by canoe, kayak or bike.


For those who simply wish to visit the homestead, learn about the life of sled dogs and guides and interact with the dogs, you are, of course, more than welcome to drop by at any time of the year. The dogs (particularly the pups) are friendly and sociable and will love it if you choose to add on an optional extra activity like a summer mushing experience, training walk, agility course session or a GEE HAW maze challenge.