Training in the Autumn months

Autumn is the season when we are out with the dogs from dawn till dusk building up their strength and reflexes and then developing their speed and conditioning. In other words, it is the time of year when the guides (and visitors) have the most ''hands-on'' time with the dogs.


3-day Intensive Sleddog Camp

7-day Sleddog Training Course


Week 38: Sept. 17th - 19th Sept. 17th - 23rd Places Available
Week 39: Sept. 24th - 26th Sept. 24th - 30th Places Available
Week 40: Oct. 1st - 3rd Oct. 1st - 7th Places Available
Week 41: Oct. 8th - 10th Oct. 8th - 14th Places Available
Week 42: Oct. 15th - 17th Oct. 15th - 21st Places Available
Week 43: Oct. 22nd - 24th Oct. 22nd - 28th Places Available
Week 44: Oct. 29th - 31st Oct. 29th - Nov. 4th Places Available

Autumn is also a glorious time to visit this region because of the fall colours. Indeed, Lapland gets more Finnish tourists at this time of year than at any other. There are no longer any mosquitos around and the colours of the landscape are magnificent. Nights can already be sub-zero in September and mornings will be crisp and cool, sometimes with a layer of hoar frost on the ground. Daytime temperatures are pleasant although these get progressively colder until there is permanent snow cover on the ground and we switch to sleigh training.

Most dogs, particularly leaders, will have had individual training through the summer months, but now is also the time to see if they can put their GEE and HAW (turning) knowledge into practise with a whole team around them. And, whilst the adults are remembering the joy of running together, pups from the previous year are being introduced to the concept for the first time and doubtless causing havoc around them.

We start Autumn training in the non-snow months using quad bikes and then we progress to sleighs once the snow is deep enough and the marshes sufficiently frozen. Hence, depending on when you visit and how long you stay, you may experience both types of Autumn training. Beware, however, that when we start training with the sleighs for the first time, the conditions are challenging and you will need to be fairly athletic and with a fair amount of stamina to enjoy the experience.

During Autumn training you not only get to learn the importance of selecting the right combinations to run beside each other but you see dogs developing in skill and expertise from one day to the next. It is an amazing time of year to be part of a husky farm and, for the right visitor, a truly memorable experience.

Our 1 and 3 day programmes are essentially 'taster' insights into life on a husky farm at this time of year. Those taking part in the week-long package will have learned enough by the end of the week to feel like they are actually contributing in some way to the day by day life on the farm and you will have made friends with many of the guides. If you are interested in staying with us even longer, then look, instead, at our guide-training programmes.