Our Dogs

We pride ourselves on our dogs. We have had numerous experts in the field of dog mushing visit our farm and comment that it is one of the nicest farms that they have seen, that the dogs are extremely well cared for and that all systems are carefully thought out for the safety and wellbeing of dogs, as well as of staff and clients.

Even our local vet, who is responsible for numerous farms, ranging from 40 to 400 dogs, always says that it is a pleasure to come to ours. This is something we do not take lightly. Unfortunately, however, it is not something that people can be aware of, when choosing between companies and is, maybe, not even something that first-time mushers would be aware of, if they have nothing to compare their experience with us to.

The quality value of our farm is hard to capture on paper.

At present, we have more than 200 dogs on the farm. Most of our dogs are Alaskan huskies, although we also have some Siberian huskies - the breed that most people envisage when they think of huskies as well as two primative Siberian breeds; Taimyrs and Nenet Laika crosses.

In other words we have a very wide variety of sleddogs. The fluffier (eg Siberians, as in the header image) tend to run the multiday safaris whereas the typical alaskan huskies tend to run the day-length tours and come home and night to recuperate in their well-insulated kennels. Of course if the temperatures are said to be 'high' for a while, we also try to ensure that our best alaskans get the fun of running the multidays too.

You can learn more about the dogs that you will be running with, in this section.

Whilst we are working within an EU project on raising general safety and dog-care standards in Northern Europe, we continue to operate to our own exacting standards in terms of product quality and dog care.

Our guides are expected to know the individual characters of all dogs, to train them (and themselves) to a high standard and to take pride in the results of their efforts. Since they are used to high quality demands in everything that they do, this naturally translates into them listening well and 'working one step ahead' in terms of meeting client expectations too.

We are, therefore, extremely confident that your experience will be one of the safest, most responsible and most pleasurable husky-mushing experiences possible in Northern Europe - and we hope that you fall in love with our dogs too!