Spring Course in Lappish Bushcraft

The Home of pure wilderness

Pasi is one of Finland's foremost survival instructors and an active member of 'Survival Guild Finland'. Whilst we have occassionally welcomed non-Finns onto the Survival Guild Courses, it is only in recent years that we have offered courses in English.

Each year, we run week long survival courses in summer and winter but this small taster course is simply designed to give a small insight into a range of key outdoor survival skills.

One of the most important winter survival skills is the ability to make a fire, both to keep warm and to boil water from snow. Hence, we will spend time teaching the basics of how to prepare firesticks and kindling and laying fires the Finnish way.

Navigation through a fairly featureless, white landscape, often in 'white-out' conditions, is also an essential skill for travel through the winter forest, so we will challenge you to complete a small orienteeriing course, on snowshoes, around the farm after giving some basic instruction (if needed). Two checkpoints will take you to pre-made forest shelters / snow-shelters so we will also have a chance to talk through the tools which Finns take with them into the wilderness in case they are caught out and need to make an emergency shelter quickly.

Ice fishing is one of the easiest ways of accessing natural food when the arctic is covered in snow so this is something that we spend some time practicing (and then, hopefully, preparing and eating the fish!).

Learning to drive a snowmobile Snow shelters First Aid From warm Winter week with a spice of survival

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Programme Duration: 7 days


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