Wilderness Trails in Pöyrisjärvi

There are three main variations on the classic Poyrisjärvi traverses:
Kalmakaltio-Termis-Näkkälä (118km) (a wilderness trail for expert riders which is shown on the main 1:100 000 Enontekiö guide and recreational map (in Finnish)
Kalmakaltio - Naltijärvi - Kalkujärvi - Pöyrisjärvi, 75 km
Kalmakaltio-Pöyrisjärvi-Näkkälä (c.93 km)(a wilderness trail for expert riders)

However, there is also a 104km day trip option which goes from Hetta to Kalgujärvi to Kivilompolo. This is a demanding 10-hour day which starts with 17km of asphalt (between Hetta and Vuontisjärvi) and is then followed by taking the quad bike trail to Kivilompolo. You can then obviously choose any combination of trail options from the trails discussed below although this classic day route is shown on the map below, in red.


There are Metsähallitus-maintained wilderness cabins in Pöyrisjärvi and Naltijärvi and there are also cabins available for hire in Pöyrisjärvi.

The cabins in Kalmakalti and the Metsähallitus-maintained open wilderness cabins in Naltijärviand Pöyrisjärvi (as well as the reservable hut at Pöyrisjärvi), are of relevance to this hiking section. Information about them can be found from: http://www.nationalparks.fi/en/huts/lapland. (We haven't put an exact address, since the external links are changed quite often). However, it is worth noticing that the positioning between the huts means that you have quite a long and commiting day in the middle of the journey.

On the western side of Pöyrisjärvi, the Lenkihaka open wilderness hut might be of use. There are also lodging enterprises in the village of Nunnanen, Kalmakaltio and Näkkälä for before or after the trek.

The Pöyrisjärvi trails are not marked, but are generally quite clearly visible in the terrain. There even used to be an old postal road continuing on from Hetta, Näkkälä and Pöyrisjärvi to Kalkujärvi. However, there are no service structures along the footpath, rivers must be crossed by wading and weather conditions can change very suddenly so you need to be fairly self-sufficient, and to have a map, compass, and proper clothing with you if entering this region.

You can get onto the Kalmakaltio-Pöyrisjärvi Trail at Kalmakaltio Spring. The ride to Kalmakaltio from the village of Nunnanen is dramatic in itself, through a savanna-esque landscape of sand-dunes and stunted bushes and trees. A starting point from the northern boundary of the Kalmakaltio border crossing to the link building, plenty of parking spaces for cars. Aloituspaikka Kalmakaltion vanhan rajavartioston pohjoispuolelta linkkimaston tuntumasta, runsaasti autoille paikoitustilaa.

Kalma-Termis-Näkkälä (118km)

The 118km Kalma-Termis-Näkkälä trail, shown here, and the c. 93km Kalmakaltio-Pöyrisjärvi-Näkkälä Trail are wilderness trails best suited to expert riders.

The 118km trail is relatively easy to find since bits of it are quad bike trails following the northern reindeer herding routes near the border between Norway and Finland. (Near the reindeer, the cobblestone of the Reindeer Farm and Tsukisauts, an autocamp? Poroaidan tuntumassa lukittu poromiestan kämppä ja Tsukisautsissa autiotupa.).

Each section of the route, and possible detours / variations, are described in sections, below.

In essence, the route traverses towards Pöyrisjärvi and then turns South and heads through the sand dunes of Maater and Termisvaara Lake to the south side of Näkkälä. If you choose to use the trail to the south of Pöyrisjärvi Lake, be aware that the trail follows the lake shore for 2km and can be almost impassable in stormy conditions. Even in good weather, you will have to wade across the Poyris River at the mouth - or slightly further along the sandy beach on the lake. The ATV tracks usually lead you to the best points.

At the eastern edge of the Wilderness Area

The standard trail between Kalmakaltio and Naltijärvi is a moderate 15-20km section of track although there is an alternative 12km trail between Kalmakaltio and Jorpavaara and then a 25km trail which leads on from there to Naltijärviat (shown here.)

At Kalmakaltio there is also a moderate 18km trail to Ahvenjärvi and a challenging trail option between Neuhkana, Kalkuaivi and Kelottijärvi. There is also a nice 40km circular route from here in beautiful scenery, on easy trails.

The standard 35km route from Naltijärvi to Lake Kalkujärvi, (the name given to the cluster of lakes shown to the east of Valkamapää) via Suukisautsi, follows the high border paths and is very demanding. It also crosses the border in places, and therefore is not recommended if you have items that need to be declared in customs or if you have your dog with you. Lenkki soveltuu hyvin päivälenkiksi joko käynnillä Naltijärven autiotuvalla tai sitten oikaisemalla aikaisemmin etelään vievälle Kalmakaltioon johtavalle pääreitille. Päivälenkin pituus on n35km.

However, an alternative 27km route along the deserted road between Lenkihaka and Tsukisautsi is less rocky and has less altitude variation. Both trails come back together at Suukisautsi and then continue on via Kalkujärvi to Pöyrisjärvi.

The trail starts after a few kilometers, at the junction with Naltijärvi and Peltotunturi, follow the right Peltotunturi trail. The groove will later branch again and the intersection is quite unobtrusive, on a small square there are grasses and after the post the bridge crosses the low stream. The groove separates from the left side of the square, weaker than Peltotunturi's main street. Reitti haarautuu muutaman kilometrin jälkeen, risteyksessä on tieviitat Naltijärvelle ja Peltotunturiin, seurataan oikeanpuoleista Peltotunturin viittaa. Uraa haarautuu myöhemmin uudelleen ja risteys on melko huomaamaton, pienellä aukiolla on ruohikkoista ja aukion jälkee ura ylittää matalan puron. Ura erkanee aukion vasemmasta reunasta heikompana kuin Peltotunturin pääura.

FYI: Between Lake Kalkujärvi and Valkamapää, there are 2 possible short trails although the standard route takes the southerly trail.

This is a critical decision-making point since from here, there is one main trail that turns north and then west towards Pöyrisjärvi (this is a very demanding 20km trail) but there is also the option to take a route back towards Hetta, in the South.

The first map shows the 38km Kalkujarvi-Lapinkylä to Vuontisjarvi trail. The trail first descends from the hills of Palotunturi Lahti and then goes through typical forested, bushy and boggy terrain. The last part of the journey leading to the village of Vuontisjärvi, is through rocky forest.

There is a 3,1km detour option (Pöyrisselkä-Pöyrisjoki) to the beach of Pöyrisjoki on the bottom half of this trail. The trail continues on the west bank of the river Valkamapaahan White Mountain. You need a boat to get across the river although you might be able to cross in low water. (Ehkä matalan veden aikana suvannon alapuolinen koski on kahlattavissa). Pistoreitti Pöyrisjoen rantaan. Reitti jatkuu joen länsirannalla Valkamapäähän. Joenylitys vaatii veneen. Ehkä matalan veden aikana suvannon alapuolinen koski on kahlattavissa!?

Pöyrisjärvi - Näkkälä.

Although the normal (118km) trail continues north until it hits the border and turns back to the south, alongside the border, there is an alternative 10.6km route that breaks off at Sahpanpalo and heads to the SW Shore of Lake Pöyrisjärvi. At the point at which it hits the southern shores, beware that there is a 2km section of trail along a sandy beach which is below the water line in high water / storms!

From Pöyrisjärvi, there is an unmarked, but clearly visible and easy to follow and bike, 18km trail to the village of Näkkälä. (People often do a round trip on this trail as a 36km day-trip from Näkkälä - Pöyrisjärvi - Näkkälä.)

The highlighted section of the second map shows the 5km trail between Pöyrisjärvi and Buolzzat (where you meet the standard 118km trail again). This route provides easy access to the felling crevice of the fells. Helppokulkuista harvakseltaa tunturikoivua kasvavaa kangasta.

The next map shows another, more southerly route option, on the 24km (+ 15km) Nakkala-Ainuppivaara-Poyrisjärvi (expert) trail. If starting at Näkkälä, the route starts from the parking spot at Poyrisjarvi's grotto 100m north of the village. On the left there is a small ball field. The path starts at the edge of the field and climbs immediately to the top of the hill. through sanddunes and fell scenery. The trail continues through the Poyrisjarvi desert / reserve, where the bark rushes through the crevice of the creek through the sandstone of the flock, the creek is moderately deep in the ranch. (Reitti kulkee Poyrisjarven autio/varaustuvalle, tuvalle pitaa kiertaa puron suuta jarvessa olevan hiekkasarkan kautta, puro on kohtalaisen syva rannian tuntumassa. Paluu Nakkalaan joko paauraa pitkin tai kiertamalla Termisvaaran pohjoispuolitse vanhalle Kautokeinon polkutielle.)
To return to Näkkälä, you can combine any of the trails in this area, including, for instance, the northern trails around Termisvaara and the old road to Kautokeino.

The first map, above, shows the 9km Ainuppivaara-Vuomavaara detour along a clear quadbike trail which leads to a mountain hut at the beach of Poyrisjoki. You need a boat for joining!Selkeä mönkijäura tunturikoivikossa ja avotunturissa. Ura johtaa lopulta Pöyrisjoen rantaan. Joenylitykseen tarvitaan vene!

The second map shows another short (5km) detour that can be investigated off from this main trail, between Palkisoaivi and Olkojoki.

Westwards from the Border.

When you approach Näkkälä along the standard, northerly, 118km trail, a few route options arise when you are directly west of Lake Poyrosjärvi, (c. 1km before the border fence changes direction and turns westwards).

The first chance to continue west is along the 6km trail north of Termisvaara which meanders in a southerly direction, parallel to the border fence, until it hits the border just after it turns westwards. The trail then follows the border for a while before doing a dog leg north and then southwest and at that point there are quite a few options. There are old reindeer trail markings and where the old path disappears, follow the pylons.

If you prefer to stay on the most northerly trails all the way, you have the option to avoid most of the section along the border fence and follow, instead, a 3km continuation trail which leads to the dog-leg, a little further west. This is the current ATV trail used by reindeer herders and can be quite wet. There is a drier trail option further up the slope.

Alternatively, you can stay on the original trail a little longer but still hit the border trail by following the trail suggested within the 104km Hetta-Kalgujärvi-Kivilompolo trail (the one in darker red on the maps above).

It is at the point at which all of these trails converge, that you can turn south on the 8km Tuorkotta-Raya trail - an old quad-bike trail - Monkijauraa, vanhoja lahoavia pitkospuita marissa paikoissa. Koivua kasvavaa tunturikangasta to reach Näkkälä by these alternative routes.

Northwards from the Border.

If, instead, you wish to head northwards into Norway at this point, that is also possible. You head first towards Siččajarvi (8km) on an ATV trail which runs parallel to the border road and then arrives at the western side of the lake, where you cross a river and head along shallow sand dunes. Beware that the boardwalks over the wet marshes are old and often rotting. At Siccajärvi, there is a Fell Station where you can arrange to pay to spend the night. From Siccajärvi, there is a 14km stretch of tractor road before you reach the main asphalt road and from there it is another 20km before you reach Kautokeino.

If you just want to reach asphalt as soon as possible from the point at which all of the route options intersect, then you can simply bike due west for 15km on the Raja-Kivilompolo trail which starts on the Northwestern corner of Kaamusjärvi on a sandy beach. The trail has many boardwalks and bridges crossing bogs and streams before it starts to become a bit drier and more shrubby.

The map above also shows the short 2.06km asphalt section of road from a rock climbing site to the west of the tin. Lyhyt asfalttisiirtymä Kivilompolosta tin länsipuolella olevalle levähdyspaikalle. Jatko reitti alkaa levähdyspaikan takaa.

Of course, if you have chosen, instead, to follow the 8km Tuorkotta-Raya trail south from the border junctions to Näkkälä, you can also turn from there towards the main road and either bike along the main gravel road to Näkkälä or bike via the small off-road section you can see on the map, close to Näkkälä hill.

Alterntatively, continue 26km south to Hetta on the 'old postal road' (which is sometimes an ATV track and sometimes single track) from Näkkälä, as described in the section about Hetta Trails.