How to Book a Multi-day Safari ?

1) Choose your safari length preference: 5-day, 2-day or 3-day (from mid-March). A Northern-Lights-Night & day product is sometimes also available when we are too busy to run a full 2-day tour.

2) You can find out more detailed information about each safari from the 'day-by-day' information guide supplied about each (the 8-day tour's example is provided here).

8-day Arctic Mushing Package (PDF)

3a) Think carefully about whether you want to blaze trails at the start of the season (January) or risk the cold of the frosty depths of winter (February). Alternatively, consider visiting when the snow starts to crystalise and the trails consolidate (March) or in the long sunny days of Spring when Arctic nature once more awakens after hibernating through the polar night (April).

More information about the different stages of the winter season and the degree of challenge or ease involved in taking part in a safari in, eg, January vs April, can be found here.

3b) Check if we still have space available on your safari of choice.

4a) If you are choosing a 5-day tour, please decide between our ground-only tour prices and our all-inclusive 7-day (Saturday to Friday) or 8-day (Saturday to Saturday) packages which include airport transfers from Enontekiö airport and room and board on the night before and after your 5-day safari. The 8-day packages also include a free day in the area. Transfers from Kittilä airport can be arranged for an added fee.

4b) Similarly, if choosing a 3-day safari later in the season, please let us know if you want a ground-only price or a 5-day package including room and board either side.

Ground-Only Safari Name No. of days & nights on Safari All-inclusive Packages Available Total no. Nights
Northern Lights Night 1.5 days, 1 night can be arranged Extra nights possible
2-day Polar Night 2 days, 1 night can be arranged Extra nights possible
3-day Taiga Tour 3 days, 2 nights 5-day Taiga Tour Package 4 nights
5-day Wilderness Safari 5 days, 4 nights 8-day (or 7-day) Arctic Mushing Package 7 (or 6) nights

5) Once we have confirmed space availability, and you have confirmed that you want to take a place, we will send you through a deposit invoice (or a full invoice if you are booking late in the day).

6) Once your payment has been received, your place is assured, subject to the cancellation clauses outlined in the Multiday Tour Dosier & Info. Pack (PDF): which is applicable to each and every multiday safari. .

7) At that point, please download, complete and return a copy of the client information forms so that we can learn about your health, fitness, equipment and dietary requirements ahead of time.

8) Our FAQs page should hopefully provide lots of information, including about the kit and clothing you may need. Our top tip is to not bring too much!

9) If you have time, please download and skim through our 'emergency instructions' download. If you have a chance to print and bring this with you, even better. It contains a section outlining basic safety procedures / guidelines relevant to all safaris.

10) Finally - once you have all of your flight details finalised, please let us know your arrival and departure timings - particularly if you have booked one of the all-inclusive packages and are hoping for an airport shuttle. Sometimes we will notice that you are arriving at the time when we have a transfer scheduled and then you might be able to hop on for the same price as taking the bus!

I hope all of the above is fairly straightforward and we very much look forward to meeting you soon!