Reserved Dogs


These dogs already found a future retirement home and are looking forward to move in with their new family.


This is Leon, almost hidden by the fireweed garden around his kennel ūüĆ∑
For many years in a row, he was our #1 top runner at Hetta Huskies.
Now that he is 12, some youngsters are on the podium.
He ran more than 21000km in his life. ūüźĺ

He will retire together with Sanna who is quite similar to him. She's a star lead dog and also more on the shy side, but going together to a new home will make their transition to full house dogs much easier. Thank you for giving them this chance!


When Sanna was younger she was supposebly the best lead dog in the whole farm. She had two litters with us. Her first one was on October 2008 (with six boys and one girl) and her second litter which are the "S-Pups" in July 2014.
In 2011 she even became a grandmother to the "O-Pups".
We are very happy Felicia agreed to give Sanna and Leon a retirement home since they are both quite shy and often overlooked by clients or other potentail adoptees. She likes to be inside on a couch or a dog bed and being with another dog will make it easy for her to get used to her new family.