Summer in Arctic Enontekiö

You are very welcome to visit our farm outside of mushing and training / transition seasons since there is always lots going on here. Indeed, it is really important for the continuity of care of the dogs that they are visited by friendly strangers through the year so that they don't become nervous around strangers.

More information can be found on the activities you can take part in around our farm at this time in our section on summer options. For instance, we offer a summer adventure day complete with many different activities - some related to dogs and some not. And, of course, there are things to do in Enontekiö which don't involve dogs at all, and many of these are referenced in our 'area attractions' page.

The beginning and end of Summer in Lapland are glorious times of the year. Days are super long from June until September and in mid-summer we have c. 3 - 4 weeks of the midnight sun. Hence, there is no need to draw your exploratory activities to a close in the evening because it is getting dark. In other words, for those of you who love hiking and are out on one of the many wilderness trails in the municipality - there is never an excuse to stop!

Around mid-summer, the insects that are so important for the arctic ecosystem come out to pollinate flowers so from one perspective, this isn't necessarily the best time to come. However, culture at this time is interesting since the flies are also important in that they drive the reindeer up onto the high fells and you may be lucky enough to witness one of the remote reindeer gatherings at this time, since this is when the Sami ear-mark their calves.

Temperatures in the summer vary between 5C and 25C although c. 10-15C would be the norm. Perhaps surprisingly, there is not a great deal of rain since we are quite far inland and the climate is relatively stable. When it does rain, however, it tends to pour quite heavily for short intense periods.

In summer Hetta attracts many independent motorists and coach tours, who stop off in Hetta to visit the nature centre/reindeer nature trails, and to overnight in one of the village's hotels before continuing their journey on towards Alta or the North Cape in Norway.

Kilpisjärvi, in the western ‘arm’ of Enontekio, attracts many summer hiking tourists, since the high fell areas (Arctic Trail and Halti) are fairly unique. The Arctic Trail hiking route attracts many hikers each year (approx. 5.000 - 10.000/year), who tend to overnight in the village before or after their wilderness adventure. Kilpisjärvi also attracts many motorists during the summer season, who stop off in the village on their way to or from the Arctic Ocean or Norwegian fjords. Many tourists make cruises to the Three Countries Border Marker or climb to the summit of the sacred Saana fell. In addition, some tourists explore Malla Nature Reserve, visit Siilastupa Information Point or explore the regions many nature trails.