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We have a wide selection of mugs. Most are based around the collection of images of our dogs drawn by Iona Inglesby in the summer of 2012: A selection of the mugs are shown in the main image but, as you can see from the number of graphics also shown, there quite a lot of different designs to choose from.

On the side of the main image you can see our basic mug logo (shown here in orange but also available in red, blue and black), the classic logo and husky-team image (which shows Emily Haris, one of our lead guides, driving the sleigh), Arrow and our Hetta Huskies stamp in red, Hertz in brown, Osman in orange followed by Mars in red and then the 'Emily' image applied differently in black silhouette.

Below the main image is the mug graphic of cloud and the Finnish flag in blue and white, followed by little Mallibu in teal and Bino in black. The final image along the bottom line shows the popular multi-day safari dogs, Pluto and Mars.

Our postcards

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