Oldish Working Sleddog
Gender: spayed Female
Origin: Original HH Dog, Luosto, Finland, 2007
Microship Number: 985121011795159
Weight: 17
Born: 01/12/2007
More About Me:
I was named for the pink patch on my nose since this is how you can differentiate me from my two sisters. I am one of the most difficult dogs on the farm to harness since I am so ecstatic that you have come to play with me that I just wriggle around on the floor, wanting my tummy tickled. I find it hard to stay still unless I am on the sofa!
Safari Distance Category: 20km max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 14,886km
Season Rank: 193rd / 224
Usual Position: Team/Wheel Dog
Mother x Father: Britney / Kapy
Siblings: Trouble, Grumpy.
Usual Feeding Categories: Skinny dog Portion
Usual Partner: Better with males - Grumpy, Trouble, (Arrow, Malla, Saturn), Samu, (Cloud, Oscar, Peanut)
Bad Combination With: Bella, Diva, Meggy, Mighty, Milky, Minnie, Sila, Suka, Leon, Merlin 2