Hetta Huskies in the News in the UK & Finland

The Telegraph Magazine

featured Hetta Huskies and the challenges in the life of one of our trainee guides in a 5-page Christmas special spread in Dec. 13. We also got the magazine's cover shot.

Helsingin Sanomat: (Finland's largest broadsheet). Considers us the place to try mushing.

The Guardian also talks about us, in relation to working holidays.

The Telegraph had also previously mentioned us in an article highlighting a top mushing destination

An article about the Christmas special 'The Dog Rescuers' follows Inspector Bailey as she journeys to Lapland on an arctic adventure to discover how one (our) winter wonderland dog sled organisation is blazing a trail for the welfare of working Husky Dogs.

Stylist magazine considers Lapland the ultimate Christmas Destination and mushing with our dogs, a premier activity.

The Sun newspaper also succombed to the delight of our dogs.

Denise Van Outen tried a family mushing safari through Hello Magazine and our dogs and guides looked great in the shots..

Landrover Magazine visited us whilst journeying through the far north.

The Bolton News:This is just one of many local newsletters in which we have featured, around the world.

Manchester Evening News: Another local paper carries our name far and wide.