Here you will find easy links to our social media sites as well as a variety of images from our farm, dogs and the area at large. Since the arctic is, in general, a wonderful place to visit if you like the outdoors, we have also included images from other activities which are possible in the area. Most of these we offer under the auspices of our second company, CAPE Lapland (Finland's Centre for Arctic and Polar Exploration).

In the video section we have also tried to select a few out of the many videos available on our youtube channels which present both the farm and dogs and the area in which we play. One of our favourites is our 'Intro to Hetta Huskies video', also embedded below.

Some of the videos we have selected have been made by us and some by clients. The Hetta Huskies youtube link returns search results on Hetta and Hetta Huskies and therefore we do not control the content whereas the CAPE Lapland on youtube link goes through to our own channel.

Welcome to Hetta Huskies

Knorr - Flavour Of Home

In 2014 Knorr shot a short film designed to make people think about the 'flavour of home' using one of our young guides. This was the result of a week of filming.