How to get to Hetta, Enontekiö...

The schematic map shows how Hetta is positioned relative to nearby airports and train terminals in Northern Scandinavia. As you can see, it is relatively easy to get to us, despite the fact that we are fully within the arctic circle.

The main complication for those trying to save money in the travel costs is that there are too many options!

However, although you can definitely save money if you spend time looking at the different route possibilities, please remember that not all overland connections from the northern air and rail terminals work year-round. Hence, flying into either Enontekiö, Kittilä or Rovaniemi in Finland generally makes the most sense in winter since the overland connections from those destinations, to us, are the simplest.


Finnish Airports

ENONTEKIÖ (ENF): 10 mins (airport shuttles available).

FYI: The Finnair Helsinki-Enontekiö flight connections have just been announced for 2018

There will be Helsinki - ENF - Helsinki flights every Saturday between March 3rd and April 14th 2018.

Between March 3rd and 24th, Flights (AY 9531) depart Helsinki for Enontekiö at 6.25am and land at 8.40am (i.e. in time to connect to our safaris). Return flights (AY 9532) depart ENF at 9.10 and arrive HEL at 11.25, in time for onward connections to Europe.

Between March 31st and April 4th, Flights (AY 9531) depart Helsinki for Enontekiö at 7.25am and land at 9.40am (still in time to connect to our safaris). Return flights (AY 9532) depart ENF at 10.10 and arrive HEL at 12.25, in time for onward connections to Europe.

Please see the page on travel to Enontekiö through Finland for more information.

KITTILÄ (KTT): 2 hours (buses available twice per day)

ROVANIEMI (ROV): 5 hours (buses available twice per day)

The most direct option is obviously to fly directly into Enontekiö airport from Helsinki, but non-charter flights only come and go twice per week, on Thursdays and Sundays, between 19th of Feb and 23rd of March. (Flights in December are charter only, from the UK). Hence, if you are hoping to book far in advance, fly, rather, into Kittilä airport - the closest commercial airport in Finland - and take an easy connection to us by bus.

Another option is to fly to one of the main Lappish airports and then to travel overland by bus and train. It is worth noting that the 'best' / 'cheapest' route depends, to a degree, on the season since some routes are seasonal and last-minute charter options sometimes also apply - please refer to the detailed page on travel options from within Finland if connecting through Helsinki or flying directly into a Lappish airport.

Norwegian Airports
ALTA: 2 hours (buses available daily to Kautokeino, 1 hour from Hetta, in winter - and directly to Hetta in summer months)

TROMSO: 4 hours (early morning buses available in the summer months only)

Swedish Airports
KIRUNA: 3 hours (buses available once a day to Karasuando, 1 hour from Hetta)

KOLARI is the closest train station to us since it is just a 2 hour journey overland. However, bus connections from Kolari to Enontekiö are more challenging than from Rovaniemi. At certain times of year they go every day, at others, only on certain days of the week.

ROVANIEMI is the other northerly train terminal in Finland. Bus connections from Rovaniemi to Enontekiö happen twice per day, and take 5 hours, door to door.

KIRUNA, in Sweden, is the final train terminal option for those who would like to travel north on sleeper trains. Good student rates apply when booked ahead of time. From Kiruna, bus connections to Enontekiö are a little challenging. There are decent connections to the border towns of Karasuando and Muodaslompolo, both of which are c. 1 hours drive from Hetta. However, forward travel from there would require a pick-up because of challenging connection timings.

When searching for buses, planes etc, to Hetta, you need to write Enontekiö (vs 'Enontekio') in the search engine!

Enontekiö is the name of the municipality / region of Finland. Hetta is the name of the municipality's 'county town'. Whilst that might seem fairly straightforward, it can be a little confusing when you are 'en route' to us, since, once you are travelling through Enontekiö itself, all signposts which are intended to direct you towards Hetta actually have the word 'Enontekiö' on them, instead!

Similarly, if you are trying to find 'Hetta' on coach or plane timetables on line, you won't. Instead, you need to write 'Enontekiö' (and, in many cases, it will only show up if you use the Scandinavian 'ö' for the last letter!).

Whilst this is a standard system for all municipalities and county towns throughout Finland, in sparsely populated regions and for tourists unused to the system, it can cause some confusion!

Still confused?

Don't be - it is actually pretty simple! Just imagine that Hetta is the starting and ending point of all journeys in Enontekiö / the far north, so simply search for / follow signs for 'Enontekiö' and you will end up with us in the small village of Hetta!