Short Husky Tours

If you just want a taste of how it feels to run with the dogs but don't have the time or money for a longer tour, then don't worry. There are some short taster rides that you can choose between.

The 2km and 4km tours go (once and twice, respectively) around the pretty forested tracks on our own farm and the 6km circular tour head outs into the open wilderness landscape near to us.

At the start of each winter we also offer a 5km tour on a trail that is relatively easy to smoothen even when there is minimal snow cover. However, we stop using it once our standard route network is open. After that, if you are booking at short notice, the 6km Silent Landscapes tour is your best bet since we open its tracks more often than our farm tracks once we are in the main part of the season.

If you have booked ahead of time, your team will generally be ready for you on the start line when you arrive. That way it is easier to hear ourselves speak when we give the farm tour! If so, you will have time for a longer farm visit / tour at the end of your safari. Some guides, however, prefer to incorporate the making of smaller numbers of teams into the farm tour - which is, of course, a lot of crazy fun. Regardless, you will still have time to cuddle some dogs afterwards - and you may also have a chance to put your dogs back in their kennels if they are not running another back-to-back tour straight after your own.

The following table provides a quick comparison between the short safaris but there is more information about each, also below...

Short Tours Taster Ride Early Season Tour Silent Landscapes
Distance 2km 5km 6km
Overall Product Length 1 hour 15 mins c. 1.5 hours c. 1.5 hours
Driving Time 10-15 mins c. 40 mins c. 45 mins
Price per adult (shared sleigh) €60 €95 €95
Price per child €40 €70 €70
Price for solo or guide-driven sleigh €100 €170 €170

Taster Ride with Expert Musher / Forest Maze Safari

The shortest mushing experience that we offer is around the boundary of our land. Whilst some choose to mush themselves, those who are more hesitant can still experience the thrill of mushing by asking to be driven by an experienced guide. In some conditions we may choose to alter the route slightly and take the more challenging inner loop to provide some variety for the dogs. If so, you will have a good chance to see how well the dogs respond to voice commands. NB: The loop itself takes only c.10mins (depending on the snow conditions and the choice of dogs). The rest of the time is made up with a farm tour and potentially putting your team of dogs together and taking them back down (if the age of the group is appropriate).

Duration: 1 hour
Price: Adults €60, Children €40, Solo or guide- driven sleigh €100
Price includes: An expert guide to drive your sleigh (when available).

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Early Season 5km Tracks

At the very start of the season we open a protected trail along the edge of our marsh which is about 5km in length and we offer tours on this trail (as well as on our 2km) until such time as our standard track network comes into condition. We tend to only offer this tour with 2 PAX per sleigh or guide-driven sleighs and with children in guide sleighs on these early season tracks - but you can check in with us about what is possible given the prevailing conditions when you arrive.

Available: As soon as possible (sometimes October, generally November) until whenever the normal trail network opens (normally around the start of December).
Programme Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: Adults €95, Children (age 3 – 12) €70, Solo or guide- driven sleigh €170
Price includes: Farm visit, driving instructions and c. 5km safari

Silent Landscapes

Our Silent Landscapes safari is the shortest tour that actually heads out into the wilderness away from our farm. If you simply want a great experience which combines amazing landscape and the thrill of mushing without too much cost, this is definitely the product for you.

Since this is our core route, this is the first one that is opened after every new snowfall so we can pretty much guarantee that we can run this safari irrespective of the conditions. We have occassionally even taken clients out on this tour in an arctic storm for a real adventure and the dogs have still found their way.

The whole product takes about an hour and a half with c. 30-45 mins of that time being spent on the sleigh itself. Having said that, I have seen this route take 25 mins and also 1 hour 25 mins, depending as much on the clients themselves as on the snow conditions and the time of year (since all of these factors can have an impact on the speed of the dogs).

Regardless, you will find that you have plenty of time to relax, after the adrenaline-filled starting moments, into a steady driving mode which will give you the chance to revel in the white landscapes all around you.

Available: Through the winter
Programme Duration: c. 1.5 hours
Price: Adults €95, Children (age 3 – 12) €70, Solo or guide-driven sleigh €170
Price includes: Farm visit, driving instructions and 6km safari

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