Half-to Full-Day Husky Safaris

We have a number of longer 1-day safari options available from mid-December / January onwards, (subject to snow conditions), including our favourites, the 20km 'Magic of Winter' safari and the 30km 'Call of the Wild' safari.

Our 40km Winter Wonderland Safari journeys a little further from base so for this, our 20km kota safari and our unique Reindeer Fondue safari, you will need to check availability ahead of time. It takes us time to open the less utilised tracks and to prepare food in advance. Some safaris are open only to groups.

Longer Day Tours Magic of Winter Call of the Wild Winter Wonderland
Distance 20km 30km 40km
Overall Product Length c. 3.5 hours c. 5 hours c. 6.5 hours
c. Time Mushing c. 2.5 hours 3.5 - 4 hours 5 hours
Price per adult (shared sleigh) €205 €325 -
Price per child (Age 3-12) €135 €200 280
Price for solo or guide-driven sleigh €350 €375 €400
Includes Squeeky cheese / forest cakes in a wilderness cabin A break or two for hot drinks, sandwiches and some local food snacks in a wilderness cabin Lunch in a wilderness cabin
Notes - Shared sleigh price possible only subject to conditions Adult price is constant and sleighs can only be shared with a child.

'Magic Of Winter' Safari

This c. 20km safari along arctic trails is one of the ones that the guides enjoy driving best because of its variety. At times you are whipping along tight tracks with lots of ups and downs and corners and at others, you are traversing marshes, forest glades and frozen rivers. About half way, you cross the area’s largest lake, Ounasjarvi, (with an ice cover is >1m thick each winter…there is no danger of falling in). As you cross to its Southern Shores you can truly marvel at the Arctic Landscape and the life of those who have lived here for eons.

We take a break, in this safari, in a local ‘Mokki’ to experience a little of the traditional lake-side holiday-home life of the Finns. Enjoy drinks, Finnish squeaky cheese & cloudberry jam (if it is a cold enough day for us to have pre-warmed the cabin with an open fire) or forest cakes (on warmer days, when we think people will prefer to sit outside and enjoy the view) in homely comfort before returning, by dog sleigh, to the farm.

For those who wish, we can teach you how to actually look after your team during the breaks and once back at the farm, you will normally be welcome to help tuck your dog team back into their own kennels before saying goodbye.

When we have larger groups or the days are particularly cold, we will probably return to the farm, (rather than stopping in the wilderness cabin) to put away the dogs and then enjoy stories in our traditional but underfloor-heated farm kota.

Programme Duration: c. 3.5-hour
Price: Adults sharing a sleigh €205 pp, Children (age 3 – 12) €135, Solo or guide-driven sleigh €350
Price includes: Farm visit, hot drinks, a snack and c. 20km safari.

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Call of the Wild Safari

This fun 30km safari combines the best of the trails from our adventurous 20km safari with some of the beautiful and tranquil end trails from our 40km safari. Together, they form a wonderful half-day product which gives you the best of both worlds.

If you are a small group, this is the longest day-safari that we generally offer since the 40km tracks take a great deal of effort to open if they have not been opened for an alternative group whereas our 30km trails are all part of our standard route network.

Depending on the temperature and conditions, we may stop more than once in a wilderness cabin for warm drinks, local snacks (squeaky cheese, and forest cakes) and sandwiches.

Programme Duration: c. 5 hours
Price: Adults Shared Sheigh €305, Solo sleigh €375, Children (age 3 – 12) €175
Price includes: Farm visit, driving instructions, c. 30km safari and a sandwich lunch with local snacks and hot drinks in a wilderness cabin

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Winter Wonderland Experience

NB: If a 40km safari is not already scheduled on the day of your request (which we may be able to add solo or paired bookings to), we will run this for a minimum of 6 people.

This 40km safari covers one of the longest day-routes possible in the far North. What better way to spend your time in Lapland than by gliding seamlessly between frozen marshes, lakes and forest glens on one of the most ancient forms of Arctic transport known to man?

When you arrive at the farmhouse, the sound of excited dogs will guide you down a snowy forest track to the farm itself. Once there, you will learn a little about the way in which the dogs live, and will be able to greet some of the non-running adult dogs and pups, before meeting your own team of 4 – 8 dogs (depending on the snow conditions). You will receive detailed instructions on how to drive the sleighs. NB: We only offer this safari as a solo sleigh product since the distance is too great for the dogs to pull the weight of two people in one sleigh.

As you set off, your heart will no doubt be beating fast – matching, in anticipation, the excitement of the dogs in their lines. Once they settle down to a comfortable running pace, you will be able to breathe once more and to enjoy the snowy tracks and winter wonderland scenery of one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe. Riding a dog team in such a setting is a truly unique experience and a very pure way of enjoying Lappish nature.

Your guide will let you know when you have arrived at the area’s largest lake, Lake Ounasjarvi. Once it is frozen each winter, its ice cover is >1m thick. Hence, when you zip across to its Southern Shores, you can be sure that there is no danger of falling in! On its far side, nestled amongst the fells of Ounastunturi, on the outskirts of Finland’s most beautiful national park, you will find a small Finnish ‘Mokki’ - a traditional lake-side holiday home - where we will break for lunch.

During the lunch break, you will be free to either relax or to help the guides with the dogs. Those with excess energy are always welcome to ascend a nearby ridge by snowshoe for a panoramic view of Enontekio. Once back at the farm, we will be happy to teach you how to put your dog team ‘to bed’. Many people like to give the dogs treats at this point and to spend a little more time with the pups before being driven back to their hotel. For many, the dog journey is the highlight of their time in Lapland.

Programme Duration: c. 6.5 hours inc. farm transfers
Price: Solo Sleighs / sleighs with a child €350, Child €280 - but for this length of tour we would prefer for the children to drive their own sleighs.
Price includes: Guided farm visit, wilderness lunch and a 40km safari.

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