Safaris of 1 day or less

For those of you with only one day to spare, don’t worry - our day safaris range from short 2km taster rides to full-on day-length arctic adventures and also we have a number of 'core' safaris on well groomed trails which are available most days, even at short notice.

If you are trying to choose between our safaris, we recommend thinking first about the optimal length of safari for you. Once you have decided between a shorter (e.g. under 6km), medium-length (e.g. 9km - 12km) or longer (e.g. 20km - 40km) safari, then check with us for availability during your preferred dates.

We generally have safaris within each of these distance brackets available most days but we are unlikely, for instance, to be running a 20km, 30km and 40km on the same day and some tours are only available for advance group bookings.

The table below shows a brief summary comparison of some of our more popular day-length safaris. Further information about each of the short, mid-length and longer day tours can be found on the sub pages within this part of our website.

Popular Day Tours Silent Landscapes Northern Lights Safari Frozen Lakes Magic of Winter
Distance 6km 6km 12km 20km
Overall Product Length 1.5 hours 1.5 hours 2.5-3 hours c. 3.5 hours
Driving Time 25-55 mins 25-55 mins c. 1.5 hours c. 2.5 hours
Price per adult (shared sleigh) €95 €175 €160 €205
Price per child €70 €125 €100 €135
Price for solo or guide-driven sleigh €170 €325 €260 €350
Route Classification Easy Intermediate Easy Intermediate

If you are in Lapland in search of Northern Lights, then we offer a couple of our shorter daytime routes also in the evenings, subject to availability.

We also, of course, have a number of overnight safaris available which maximise your chance of seeing this incredible natural phenonema and potentially even sledding underneath the dancing skies. Some of these return to the farm and clients stay there in our traditional kota, overnight. Others venture out into the wilderness and stay in remote but cosy cabins.