Northern Lights Targeted Multi-activity Weeks

The longer you stay in the arctic, the more likely it is that you will experience the northern lights. Most people know about our longest winter packages (our 8-day wilderness safari weeks) but few realise that Autumn is actually one of the best times of year to see the northern lights.

It is also one of the best times of year to see the rich colours of Lappish nature. For that reason, we have created a week-long Autumn multi-activity week with a focus on core evening and night-time activities which maximise your chances of seeing and photographing the northern lights.

Enjoy a range of afternoon and evening activites designed to make the most of the blazing fall-coloured autumnal trails, the frosty mornings and sparkling lakes, and the landscape bathed in gold, each night, as evening falls. And then sit back in wander at the majestic nocturnal display.

Multiactivity Week

Our 7-day autumn activity week gives you the opportunity to sample the best of what the area has to offer at this time of year.


Northern Lights Hunting

Day 1: Transfer to Hetta where there will be a meal waiting and accommodation available in a local family hotel.
Day 2: An afternoon and evening in the life of a husky guide, including an evening workshop introducing northern ligts and providing aurora photography tips (tipods are available to rent). Dinner is in a traditional arctic kota on the farm, and this is followed by a walk out onto a local ridge to look for lights.
Day 3: A cultural afternoon including a visit to a reindeer farm, a visit to a local Saami and nature museum, and a hike to the top of the Jyppyravaara hill. There will be a talk on local berries and mushrooms, a chance to gather the same and to eat sausages and toast marshmallows around a campfire whilst looking out across the arctic landscape in the hope of seeing the northern lights.
Day 4: A choice of activities between a hike or fat-bike excursion out and back to the wilderness hut of Sisanki or a canoe trip across the lake to our traditional north-facing ‘mökki’ with a return at dusk following beautiful photo opportunities across the lake. .
Day 5: A hike into the national park to the top of Pyhäkero followed by an evening relaxing in a lake-side sauna, eating sausages, swimming and looking for the lights.
Day 6: A daytime visit to the spectacular and surprising 'Juhl's Silver Gallery' in Kautokeino, Norway, and a final traditional meal in the farm kota.
Day 7: Transfer back to the airport.

FYI: Depending on your group size, age range, and interests we can tailor some of these activities to your abilities and preferences.

If you are looking to do less activity with more photo opportunities we can bring you close to some of these areas by car and do shorter hikes. If you are a more active group we can offer longer, even overnight hikes and activities in the wilderness. We also offer add-on activities such as quad training with the huskies and fishing trips if you are looking for more activity during the day.

Available: The beginning of September to the end of November
Programme Duration: 7 days
Price includes: 6 nights in hotel, breakfast & dinner from evening of Day 1 to the morning of Day 7; kit and clothing suitable for weather conditions; expert guiding through the tour; tripod for use throughout tour, introductory & workshop on photographing the northern lights from an expert; access to equipment for the activities described.

Short Aurora Chasing Packages

We do a 2-day version of our Northern Lights Hunting Week in which you can simply select the best arctic activities for you for the daytime / afternoons and also the location from which we search for the aurora. This product can also be purchased as a 4-day package including accommodation and food on the night before and after the activities themselves start and finish.


Northern Lights Hunting Weeks

2-day package

4-day packages

Week 38: Sept. 17th - 23rd Sept. 20th - 23rd Sept. 21st - 22nd
Week 39: Sept. 24th - 30th Sept. 27th - 30th Sept. 28th - 29th
Week 40: Oct. 1st - 7th Oct. 4th - 7th Oct. 5th - 6th
Week 41: Oct. 8th - 14th Oct. 11th - 14th Oct. 12th - 13th
Week 42: Oct. 15th - 21st Oct. 18th - 21st Oct. 19th - 20th
Week 43: Oct. 22nd - 28th Oct. 25th - 28th Oct. 26th - 27th
Week 44: Oct. 29th - Nov. 4th Nov. 1st - Nov. 4th Nov. 2nd - Nov. 3rd