Traditional Farm Kota Accomodation

Our Traditional Farm 'Kota' (a circular building with a central fireplace, around which clients sleep on reindeer-skin covered benches) is often used by clients on the night before their multiday safari starts as well as on the first night of our 3- and 5-day safaris. Hence, during the busy winter season, we unfortunately can't very often offer it as an accommodation option to individual travellers.

Outside of our main season, however, it is possible to stay in this hut and get a true glimpse of both traditional life in Lapland and modern-day life on a working husky farm. Check-in is after 4pm and check-out time before 10.30am (unless you are doing some farm-based activities that morning, in which case, it is whenever you are ready).

Please note that since the kota is situated in the middle of the farm of 150+ dogs, a guide will also stay there overnight with you (as can a couple of dogs if you wish!) and for this reason we have a base cost of €50 which applies irrespective of the number of people in the group).

NB: This fixed base cost includes a guided tour of the farm and, if you wish, the option to get involved in the morning souping / watering of the dogs.

There is also an additional per person charge of €20 which covers the use of the sleeping bags (and liners), pillows and reindeer skins which you will lie on, and a full Finnish breakfast.

In other words, the night in the kota (including breakfast) will cost:
1 person: €50 + €20 = €75 per person
2 people: €45 + €20 = €65 per person
3 people: €40 + €20 = €60 per person
4 people: €35 + €20 = €55 per person
5 people: €30 + €20 = €50 per person
6 people: €25 + €20 = €45 per person

NB: If there are children or married couples within the group, then there are two sections of benches which we can combine to make it possible for 8 people + the guide to sleep there. However, normally there is bench space only for 6.

If you wish, you may also purchase a traditional Lappish evening meal of reindeer, mash, lyngenberries, gerkhins and a desert like squeaky cheese, cooked on the open central fireplace (€20 per person) and potentially also have the chance to join in the evening feed of the dogs.

Our Wilderness Cabins

We have a number of other wilderness cabins which can be rented by the week (on the Palojöki river, across the Ounasjärvi lake, on the shores of Kellotijärvi and - soon - on the banks of the Tarvantojoki River. Enquire for more information.