Guided Farm Visit & Puppy encounter

This product is only available when we have pups of a suitable size so please call or email ahead of time, to check if this product will be possible when you visit.

This product is all about your child and the pups. We try to create a magical experience appropriate to the age of your child and the pups that will involve time for a small walk and lots of cuddles in either the free-running pen or the puppy teepee area. If it is the appropriate time of the day, there may also be the chance to join in with a puppy feed.

When we have young visitors, we will minimise the 'farm tour' aspect and we will look out, instead, for things like elf footprints in the snow, the reindeer flying school lights in the 'sky' (if it is dark enough to see the illuminated ski track lights in the distance), etc. We will also have a fire burning in a traditional kota in winter and warm juice available for your child.

Slightly older visitors may, rather, enjoy the puppy agility course, so we will just play with the age and interests of the group when designing your ideal 'encounter'. You may, for instance, want to learn how we train the pups with basic commands and we may also be able to head out on a small 'free walk' in the forest. This is something that we do with the smaller pups every day until they get too big to be able to chase and catch. We head out with treat bags and let all the pups loose to gambol to and fro without restraint along the forest paths. Watching them trip over each other in their attempts to explore everything around them is truly a delight to be part of.

Duration: 1 hour +
Price: Adults €25, Children €15, Families €60 (< 5 people inc. up to 2 adults)

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