E-Biking, Fatbiking and 'Fat-Max' Scootering in Enontekiö

The popularity of this region as a biking destination is growing rapidly. Not only are Enontekiö's wild fell highlands great for mountain biking, but there are super fun trails for year-round fun accessible from downtown Hetta. In summer, there are numerous gravelled forestry roads, sandy heaths with trails, old German-built routes from the war and challenging duckboards across vast wilderness areas to choose from. In winter, there is a huge network of snowmobile trails that can be ridden along. All in all, there are over 200km of true wilderness trails. Some of these are unmarked and demand a truly adventurous soul. Others are easily accessible, if you just know where they are found.

All areas - aside from the Malla Nature Reserve - are open access, since the Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park was opened to bikers in 2017, although there aren't many great routes across the larger wetlands area or the Yliperä fells in Kilpisjärvi.

If you want to simply rent a bike from us, then choose one of the many easy-access routes described in our 'Biking in Enontekiö' pages. Options include the Hetta-Näkkälä trails, (26 km) the Kalmakaltio-Pöyrisjärvi-Näkkälä trails (c.93 km), or even shorter journeys like Näkkälä to Pöyrisjärvi (c.18km), Kalmakaltio to Naltijärvi (c.20km) and Hetta to Sonkamuotka via Muotkajärvi (c.30km). (There are Metsähallitus-maintained wilderness cabins in Pöyrisjärvi and Naltijärvi and there are also cabins available for hire in Pöyrisjärvi.)

However, if you would like to take part in a guided tour, check our summer and winter route options.