Hetta Huskies on TV and Film

Many companies have used our farm as a shooting location (since it is a pretty nice farm, as dog farms go) or have filmed our dogs running either on nearby trails in summer or winter or up on the high tundra in the most extreme parts of the arctic winter.

The material has been used in a number of ways - primarily in nature and area documentaries. We featured, for instance, within the well-known Finnish prime-time TV series Erätulilla which focuses on great things to do in the outdoors and we as part of a Nordic Landrover Expedition filmed for Landrover Magazine and a film for National Geographic in Poland. Many small expeditions film us 'en route' through the region e.g this Belgium TV Documentary being made about a Nordcap bicycling trip which visited the farm.

We have also been part of a targeted tourism campaign by the Finnish Tourist Board, in their 'Visit Finland' campaign.

However, the widest-reaching film has without doubt been as a result of the Knorr Flavour of Home infomercial) filmed in 2014 which was viewed by over 75 million people within a week of being launched and 90 million, to date.

Obviously we also have a lot of our own footage, as well as that filmed both by our guides and our clients and some of that is actually pretty good. Hence, if you look around, you will probably find quite a lot of material featuring our farm, guides and dogs.

NB: Those film makers who are really nice remember to send us material or, at least, access to the finished product once it is ready but we can't, unfortuantely, link through to everything we have been involved in here since we haven't always had access to the finished products. (This is a hint to those who want to use our dogs / location in the future).

A couple of our retired dogs that have been adopted have been featured on the Channel 5 documentary series, The Dog Rescuers. This can be found here.