Aventures d’un ou deux jours

Rivière sauvage Palojoki:

Il y a une grande variété d’options de mise à l’eau le long de cette rivière sauvage. Il est très facile de faire une excursion allant de 33 à 60 km. Tout au long du chemin, vous vous amuserez sur des rapides de niveau 1 et 2, et vous profiterez également de périodes pour vous détendre et apprécier la nature à travers laquelle vous pagayez.

This gentle gd 1 and 2 wilderness river starts at Lake Palojärvi and eventually flows into the Palojoki estuary and River Muoniojoki, c. 65km later, having followed the eastern boundary of the little-visited Tarvantovaara Wilderness Area for part of its length. There are variety of put-in and take-out options along this river. Hence, you can choose to paddle as little as 31km or as much as 60km along the way.

Most people opt for the 33km section from a remote put-in near the bridge at Lake Palojärvi, c. halfway between the villages of Leppäjärvi and Palojärvi to the take-out at Palojoensuu just before the Palojoki joins the main border river. Whilst it is possible to do this distance in one day, it is generally recommended as an overnight journey.

Along the way, grade 1 and 2 rapids allow for intermingled relaxation and fun and there are a rich assortment of fish in the river for those keen to take some fishing breaks. Only the Perjantaikoski Rapids halfway down the river are difficult to paddle down although when the water is shallow, the river is rocky, so this river is best tackled early in the season.

The prices for the guided journey include the rent of the canoe, paddle and buoyancy aid, boat transfers to the river and food. The 2-day option also includes the overnight stay in our own wilderness hut. The facilitated journey prices include map support, canoe and kit hire and transfers to the put-in and take-out.

Durée: 1-day Guided Journey Price: Adults €195
Durée: 2-day Guided Journey Price: Adults €275

Durée: 1-day Facilitated Journey Price: Adults €75
Durée: 2-day Facilitated Journey Price: Adults €100

Rivière Kääkkälöjoki River, étendues sauvages de la région de Pöyrisjärvi: 38 km

Cette excursion peut être bouclée en une longue journée pour les pagayeurs expérimentés. Cependant, pour la plupart des gens, deux jours sont plus agréables, avec une nuit passée dans un chalet en pleine nature.
This source of this gentle beginner's river is near the Norwegian border but most people paddle a 38km section between Kalmakaltio and Siltakoski through the Saaravuoma-Koskisenvuoma marshland protection area on the south-eastern side of the Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area. The river drops only 25m in altitude along its 38km length and provides easy paddling from early summer to August.

The journey can be completed in one long day by experienced paddlers. However, for most people it is a more enjoyable 2-day (or 3-day with children) trip with an overnight in a wilderness cabin. The Kalmakaltio open wilderness hut and Nallatupa are on the banks of the River Käkkälöjoki.

Kalmakautio can be reached by driving 14.5km along a dirt road from the village of Nunnanen (which is c.20km from the main Peltovuoma road and the standard take-out at Siltakoski).

Those who want to extend their journey can do so by continuing on for a further 27km from Siltakoski to Ketomella although it is worth noting that this section includes the Haarakoski Rapids at the junction of the Käkkälöjoki and Ounasjoki rivers.

As always, the guided price for the 38km journey includes the rent of the canoe, paddle and buoyancy aid, transfer to the put-in transfers, food, guiding and hut accommodation when the trip is being made across two days. The facilitated journey prices include map support, canoe and kit hire and transfers to the put-in and take-out.

1-day Guided Journey Price:Adults €195
2-day Guided Journey Price:Adults €275

1-day Facilitated Journey Price:Adults €75
2-day Facilitated Journey Price:Adults €100

Other rivers folk might want to consider:
Tarvantojoki River: 30km

This river runs through the centre of a wilderness area from its source near the Norwegian border to the point at which it empties into the River Muoniojoki. You can only get to the upper course of the river by flying, but the section between the villages of Kultima and Kuttanen, on its lower course, is great for a short day trip. In many places the river bank is surrounded by vast marshlands which provide perfect excuses for the cloudberry enthusiast to stop and pick berries.

Näkkäläjoki River: 25km

This river provides an easy journey between Näkkälä and Hetta and is best tackled in early summer.

Pöyrisjoki River (43 km)

This is a relatively demanding early summer canoeing route which starts from Lake Pöyrisjärvi and ends in Lake Vuontisjärvi. Lake Pöyrisjärvi can be reached by all-terrain vehicle from Näkkälä or by hydroplane from Hetta and there is an open / reservable hut near Lake Pöyrisjärvi.

There is a 100m change in altitude along the 43km river. There are several rocky rapids in the river so it is best to canoe when the waters are high. The rapids get more difficult as you get further down the river and they range in classification from class I to IV. The class IV Kuirinkurkkio and class II Kirkkokurkkio Rapids are the most challenging - the latter because of the steep, undercut banks on the sides which make the corners dangerous.

The river can be seen on the (1:50 000) V423 Enontekiö and V424 Näkkälä topographical maps. It is also on the Enontekiö guide and 1:100 000 recreational map.