Our Safety Pledge

Safety and quality are cornerstones of our work and drive our business development. We are committed to ensuring that everyone we work with – whether client, guide or dog - is protected from all forms of harm, whether physical, environmental or psychological. Hence, we work hard to develop a general awareness of risk within our client and guide groups and to evolve common sense on all levels. Risk assessments are available for general reference, as are the control measures we have in place.

We use only modern, correctly maintained equipment and put a great deal of emphasis on staff training. However, participants must accept a certain element of risk during their safari since we cannot control everything about the dogs and the Arctic environment. If weather or group needs dictate, we reserve the right to change or, very occasionally, even cancel activities to ensure everybody’s safety. If individuals are placing themselves or the group at risk by their actions, we also reserve the right to remove the person, or persons concerned, from the activity.

Each year, our farm is inspected annually by inspectors from Finland’s department of Health and Safety as well as by our local vet. Between them, they check the welfare of the dogs, consumer protection standards and general product safety. They inspect our risk assessments, operating guidelines, safety equipment, safety procedures and liability insurance. Our company is known for having one of the most comprehensive safety plans of any safari company and we have been told on more than one occasion by inspectors that it is always a pleasure to come to our farm since it is easy to see that the dogs are happy, healthy and well cared for and that the guides are positively energised and working within well defined systems.

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