Client Commitment

We believe all our clients are unique. Whether you are visiting us for 2 hours or 2 months and whether you are an individual traveller popping in, a trainee guide here for a season or a long-term tourism partner, you and your clients deserve the best experience that we can offer. We aim to deliver above and beyond our promises, and to have fun along the way.

Happy return customers validate our ethos whilst at the same time enhancing the value of our product and the region as a whole to the tour operators who bring their customers here. Whenever possible, we love to develop long-term relationships based on trust, openness and honesty with our clients since this enables us to really understand their needs, systems and personal approach. Feedback is always welcome, at any level, since it not only provides our quality assurance and helps us to improve but also drives our business development.

Clients are made aware of the need to be prepared for severe and changeable weather in an inhospitable and potentially dangerous environment. Clients and staff need to be aware of their own capabilities and of the dangers posed by the Arctic environment and need to know how to act accordingly. Hence, activities are always planned with safety in mind. We operate without the expectation that a rescue service is available. Operations are planned for self-sufficiency through the use of sound planning, quality equipment to an Arctic standard and trained personnel.

We work hard to have our responsible travel philosophy be apparent in everything that we do. However, any clients with suggestions as to how this or any other aspect of our business can be improved upon, have a means of making suggestions through frontline employees (client-liaison people on safari), tour leaders, customer feedback questionnaires, our website’s guestbook, travel forums and facebook pages. These are reviewed regularly and trends are identified.

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