Virtual Classroom Experiences

Visit us virtually and get to know our way of life as mushers and sled dog guides, our farm ethics and how me manage to keep 220 Huskies happy, healthy, well behaved and ideally nourished.

Whether you would like to have a little history lesson about dog sledding and find out how one single team of Huskies helped save many childrens lifes in 1925, you just want to visit our farm and get to know a different lifestyle or you want to help us solve tricky calculations like how much meat and dry food we have to order to keep our dogs in ideal weight for the next months - we can design this product freely according to your own wishes and the ages of learners.

You will be in contact with your assigned guide before the lesson and talk through your expectations and ideas with them. Of course, we are also happy to present you with our ideas, if you like to, or come up with a farm tour that includes some extras dependend on your class.

For inquiries and more information please contact us at [email protected]