Sponsor Me Please!

It is possible to choose any of our huskies who are not already sponsored, but the following are examples from each category that would love the extra help. Don't worry if you cannot afford the full cost of keeping the dog here through the year (as detailed in sponsorship options). Any contribution at all towards each of these characters will be much appreciated.

Please send all sponsorship enquiries to [email protected].


The following dogs are older or less useful sled-dogs but since they are probably not so easy to find new homes for, we are fully expecting to care for them into their old age. For this reason, we have them on the 'please sponsor me' list, since any help at all with their long term care would be appreciated.


The following are amazing sled-dogs but require more care and food than most to keep in good health or weight:


Kiri-kiri is an awesome leader, though he is slowing down a little with age. He is easy-going running and living with most dogs. However, no-one messes with him - he can walk wherever he wants without objection from other dogs in his team, but if another dog misbehaves Kiri-kiri will be sure to set them straight.

Kiri-kiri has had a few health problems in previous years, during which time we found out that he has hypothyroidism, and he was castrated. He has since calmed down but is still as strong, and now as healthy, as ever.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 10.09.2010, 2019-20 season running total: 2664km


Bono was one of the original 12 first sled dogs at Hetta, brother to Cloud, Madonna, and Princess. Arguably the smartest of the four, he is an escape artist when put in a cage. Bono is also a little shier than his siblings, but gets used to people quickly and is easy with other dogs. He is a great leader and teacher to other sled dogs!

As he gets older, Bono is slowing down and does not run long safaris anymore. He also has an eye condition, along with Tog and Moscow, for which he lives near the house and gets eye drops twice a day. This prevents cloudiness and an eventual loss of eyesight.

Running Position: Any, D.O.B: Aug. 2007, 2019-20 season running total: 138km


Vulpes: I tend to back away from fights but can stand my ground (and will generally win) if forced into a corner. I will come back if called when off leash. We have all been trained using GEE and HAW. Paw plus is stand up. Cyur is Go. Nei for No. Roolih, delivered in a lazy way akin to our 'woooaahhh' is slow down - and that should lead into Stor for Stop. I was used to eating Lapp food and when we would run with the youngsters (from 6 months), 2 good dogs would pull a team of 6 more youngsters behind.

Though older now, Vulpes is a great leader, staying focused and motivated and enjoying the shorter runs. In addition to that, he is super friendly with us and our guests, even if he can be a little grumpy with other dogs sometimes.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 28.07.2009, 2019-20 season running total: 1396km


I came to Hetta with my friend, Sequoia and his daughter, Eclipse since our owner had had to move to a small house in the city of Alta. My father won the Iditarod with Jeff King and I myself have run Finnmarksløpet with Brørn Hugo Kristoffersen despite being super bite-sized (aka tiny). I am a bit shy out of harness but I shine when in the line. I took a liking to Kurpitza when I arrived at Hetta Huskies - which was good since I didn't do so well in a cage with Eclipse.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 01.07.2009, 2019-20 season running total: 1802km


Kurpitsa means 'pumpkin' in Finnish, and reflects her personality perfectly. Kindness and intelligence practically shine out of her eyes. She is a larger version of her sister Nana.

Kurpitsa is a sweetheart who will sit and gaze at you until you notice her, and then paw at you for strokes. She is a strong sled dog and great leader, given that she is running with someone focused beside her. Kurpitsa runs most often with her current best friend Maya, who talk a lot to each other on the start but ultimately are adorable running together.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 19.10.2010, 2019-20 season running total: 1844km


Cherry is Malik's sister and though very cuddly and sweet, she is still full of energy! She is friendly but easily distractd by food, and makes the greatest 'greeting' face when you enter her cage. Cherry will sit and curl up her upper lips into what looks like a wolf snarl, but really it is her way of showing that she's excited to see you. More than anything, it looks cute and silly on such a small madam!

Cherry has had a weak front leg in the past, and like Malik, she wears a second magnetic collar to help with this. However, it does seem to be catching up to her as she gets older, for which reason she doesn't run as much as her siblings anymore.

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 10.11.2008, 2019-20 season running total: 422km


I came to Hetta Huskies from the same farm as Dino and, the previous year, Bølle. Anna and Pasi had driven north to fetch Anton and his owner, Hans Peter Harangan, mentioned that Seljeli and Dino, on a nearby farm, were also looking for new homes.

A wonderfully sweet and easy dog to pair with, Seljeli is a great example dog for our puppies. A joy to greet at our farm, we hope to keep her even in her old age.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 02.08.2008, 2019-20 season running total: 735km


Hickory is one of our H-pups born in 2014 on our farm. His whole litter were destined to pull to their heart's content, and are extremely hard workers. However, because of this Hickory needs a lot of extra food to keep him healthy!

Running Position: Lead/Wheel, D.O.B: 31.07.2014, 2019-20 season running total: 2712km


Japp came to us in autumn 2016 at the same time with Dole and Doffen, his half-brothers. He is one of our strongest and fastest Alaskan huskies, but because of his short coat and energy use Japp has difficulty keeping weight on. For this reason he needs to be consistently fed more than most of the other sled-dogs and watched closely.

Running Position: Improving leader, D.O.B: 28.04.2014, 2019-20 season running total: 2507km


Dole came to us in autumn 2016 at the same time with Doffen and his half-brother, Japp. He is one of our strongest and fastest Alaskan huskies, but because of his short coat and energy use Dole has difficulty keeping weight on. For this reason he needs to be consistently fed more than most of the other sled-dogs and watched closely.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 04.06.2013, 2019-20 season running total: 2666km


With my long legs and long face, I look very different to the other farm dogs. However my brother, Eros looks very similar and we are easy to mix up (I am the lighter one). I'm a big softie and can get easily spooked by the snowmobile or loud noises. I was also diagnosed with hypothryoidism a few years back, so I need thyroxin pills twice a day to keep healthy.

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 05.09.2013, 2019-20 season running total: 993km


I was Sirbma's last-born pup and brought our 2017 puppy count to a nice, even nine boys and nine girls. There were actually two more pups born before me but one of them hadn't formed and one, Snip, unfortunately got squished by my mom when he was just 9 days old. All black face, white legs and belly. I had a cluster of five white hairs on the back of my neck when I was little, which was the only way I could be told apart from my sister Apple. Now I am definitely bigger and prettier than her! I am slightly larger than my sister Apple, and have a lighter face. I have a little black dot on my forehead.

While pretty, Maple is extremely difficult to find running/cage partners. For this reason, we need to spend extra time socialising her and working with her in the line.

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 13.08.2017, 2019-20 season running total: 1723km


I came to Hetta Huskies with my friend, Väk, from Hanne Bakken Johansen (my father came from Maria Sparboe) and some people are really rude about my appearance and think I look like a goat and I also boing straight up in the air, when running, a bit like a mountain goat. It is hilarious to watch. I am one of the most friendly and cuddly of dogs on the farm to humans but I 'ate' my way through three of the easiest of Hetta Huskies dogs on arriving (Malla, Madonna and even Arrow) so I think I might have resigned myself to a running circle for the winter!

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 06.01.2013, 2019-20 season running total: 2295km


I am from Torben Metzner in Sweden and came to Hetta Huskies in summer 2018 with my sister June. I'm really full of energy, noisy, and always excited to run.

Cinnamon gets so hyped up in the line that we have to watch her for overheating and collapsing. Because of this, she is restricted to running between certain temperatures only and for short distances. She is a great addition to the team whenever she runs though!

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 29.07.2017, 2019-20 season running total: 370km


Indigo came as a very shy rescue dog who cowered in the corner of the kitchen when anyone came too close. After a lot of time and love, she has become more confident in herself. Now, she is an extremely happy lady who likes nothing more than to play with her girlfriends.

We didn't know how Indigo would turn out as a sled dog, but with guidance from Diva she has become a wonderful leader-in-training. Before setting off, Indigo wriggles around like a worm in line, easily getting harness rub on her back. For this reason, she has to wear a special fluffy harness whenever she runs!

Running Position: Lead/Team, D.O.B: Jan. 2013, 2019-20 season running total: 1958km