Summer Activities

Since the arctic is already well known for its winter outdoor activities, we have concentrated, in the following pages, on highlighting the summer potential of the region given that the potential for outdoor and nature-based tourism, here, is little known but almost limitless.

We have made separate pages which explain the difference between national parks and wilderness areas and which outline the huge number of open and bookable huts you can stay in, in them. We have also looked at paddling, hiking and biking in the region in separate pages since in some areas, the hiking and biking routes follow the same trails whereas in others there are fairly strict mode of transport restrictions.

The mountains blossom throughout July and August and summer activities are possible from mid June to the end of September, (although you want to be on a fairly high trek if you hike in this area between c. 20th June and 20th August because of the mosquitos).

By the time we are into the Autumn, particularly the first three weeks of September, the landscape is vibrant with colour. This is known as the ruska period and is when most of the Finnish ‘summer’ tourists come to the area – almost as many as visit in the Spring for the long warm days of skiing.

In-between Kilpis and Hetta lies Karesuvanto is a destination for wilderness enthusiasts. Many visitors do not spend much time in the village itself, but use Karesuvanto as a base for filling up their cars, drinking coffee or eating lunch, before leaving by boat or water plane for the Lätäseno river. At the beginning of August there is an organised Fly Fishing Contest in the village, and in autumn there are many "ruska" markets. The Arctic Canoe Race also by-passes the village.

Enontekiö's National Park
Wilderness Areas in Enontekiö:
How the Open and Bookable Hut Network Works:
Hiking in Enontekiö:

Hiking and Biking Trails in Enontekiö

The hiking trails and biking trails in this region are probably some of the best in the world. They vary in length and difficulty but almost all of the designated hiking trails have some form of wilderness cabin provision.

The Ministry of Forestry's hiking maps are one of the best resources available for route-planning in the north.

Paddling Possibilities in Enontekiö

There are many rivers of widely varying difficulty in the region, when it comes to thinking about the paddling potential in the area.