Meille tärkeintä on oikean perheen löytäminen meidän koirille. Toivomme kuitenkin että harkitsette ensisijaisesti van

Kaikki koirat, jotka katsomme sopiviksi adoptiolle, ovat viettäneet aikaa sisätiloissa ja ovat joko kokonaan tai lähes 100% sisäsiistejä. Kaikki ovat avoimia ja ystävällisiä ihmisiä kohtaan, vaikka ‘erityistarpeisiin’ -osiossa olevat tarvitsevat kokeneita omistajia eri syistä.

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Alla näkyy meidän vanhukset jotka etsivät pehmeää sohvaa jolla viettää eläkepäiviään. Nämä koirat hyötyisivät muuttamisesta uuteen kotiin jossa nauttia viimeisistä vuosista heidän elämästään. Farmilla heidän täytyy seurata surullisesti kun nuoremmat koirat pääsevät juoksemaan ja he eivät voi enää liittyä niiden seuraan. Heille lämmin sisätila ja koiranpeti tai sohva olisi ehdottomasti suositeltavampaa kuin ulkona -40 asteessa, koska niiden nivelet alkavat jäykistyä. Paljon huomiota, vapautta liikkua talossa ja pääsy mukavan pehmeään koiranpetiin tai sohvalle, olisi heidän eläkepäiviensä unelma. Tottakai kaikki nämä koirat voivat olla ulkona häkissä päiväsaikaan jos tarvitsee.



We have a number of shy oldies that will probably spend the rest of their lives with us since they are not the dogs that people immediately fall in love with, when they visit. We feel that each of the ones that we have highlighted here, however, have the potential to do well in the right home setting.



It is pretty easy for anyone living in Scandinavia to adopt one of our dogs and if you are looking for a certain type of dog (one that can run with you or one that is good with kids, etc), please do get in touch. We have other dogs than those shown here, that are just not in as much need of a new home as the ones shown here, but which might be perfect for you. Even if they haven't made it to the 'top priority list, if we find the perfect match for you, we would rather that they go to the ideal home than that they stay running, here, if they are not that great as working sled dogs or if they are already on a reduced running plan.

For those living overseas, it can be quite complicated, expensive and time-consuming to sort out the inoculations and paperwork needed to get the dog ready to travel. However, it is not totally impossible and, as you can ready on the lucky dogs page, we have dogs who have moved as far away as Colorado and New York as well as quite a few who have travelled to the UK or Central Europe.

More information about how to travel through Scandinavia into other European Countries overland or further afield, eg using a pet-transfer company, can be found here.


Humlis (Born 5th May 2009)

I came to Hetta Huskies at the age of 7 in June 2017, from Roger Fossøy's farm, at the same time as Iess, Mollis, Duotta and Bali. I am named after a Norwegian flower and love to be cuddled. I was castrated when young to help me keep my weight on. I am long-legged, brown and strong and have finished every race I have ever done in team. I am friendly and relaxed and mostly house trained. I got diagnosed with Hypothyrodism for which I'm getting Thyroxin, a low-cost tablet in the morning and evening. In addition to that I developed a cough in summer 2017, which needs to be treated with Medrol. Since I've started on the course, the cough hasn't reoccured.

Ideal new home: Humlis would be happy as a single pet. He can be a little grumpy with other dogs, particularly around food. Otherwise he's easy with other females or walking past other dogs.

How would he deal with being alone during a working day: Humlis would need some time to adjust to being indoors alone. When left unattended, he has occasionally had a few accidents and chewed a few socks. As he gets comfortable with his new home, Humlis' behaviour should improve.
To what extent can he still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? Humlis is getting to an age where he'd be happier with basic walks, sofa time, and cuddles. He is not super coordinated anymore, but is happy to just spend quality time with his owner.

Yasper & Yesper (Born 21st Sept 2009)

Yasper & Yesper are two large fluffy siblings who would prefer a home together, as they are inseparable. When one was taken out of the cage for running, the other would cry loudly until he saw his brother again, so they mostly ran together. While both of them are still large strong boys, the two have slowed down to a point where they are happy to relax and play together, with the occasional adventure. Both can be hesitant around new people, but once they get to know you, they will happily come for cuddles. Most important to them, however, is each other's company.

Ideal new home: Yasper & Yesper are ideal outdoor pets because of their size, but are also house trained and can live indoors. Yasper has a perineal hernia, so he shouldn't do any intense exercise. A few short walks a day or a backyard to play in would be ideal. Be warned, though - both have a history of digging! Because both can be a bit shy, Yasper & Yesper would do best in a calm environment where they aren't in the limelight too much.
How would they deal with being alone during a working day: Would need to be monitored in the beginning.
To what extent can they still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? Because of Yasper's perineal hernia, he should not do any intense exercise. If Yesper is willing to leave his brother, he may still enjoy it at a relaxed pace every once in a while.

Togo (4th July 2010)

Togo is a gentle giant who enjoys attention. He is still very strong, but isn't as motivated in front of a sleigh anymore. He is house trained and happy to relax on a couch with you for most of the day. Togo has previously been difficult with other male dogs, but gets along with females and easy males.

Ideal new home: Togo is happy inside with lots of attention and love. He can live alone or with another easy companion. He is still active and enjoys walks.
How would he deal with being alone during a working day: Would need to be monitored in the beginning, but should be fine.
To what extent can he still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? Togo is still active and fit, though he hasn't been tried often in front of skis. He would probably enjoy a relaxed pace.

Vulpes (28th Jul 2009)

Vulpes is very friendly and loves cuddles, although he can be a little grumpy with other male dogs sometimes. He came from a racing kennel in Norway where he was one of the best leaders and used for all races until 2016. He now gets a little stiff in his hips when he pushes himself too hard, but is active and still pulling in-harness. He is house-trained, although it always takes him a bit of time to adjust to living indoors. Once he has found a spot he feels comfortable in, he curls up there and naps for most of the time.

Ideal new home:Vulpes would probably be happiest with an active and attentive family. He may take longer to adjust to new experiences, like public transport or other pets, since he has only spent time with us in his older age.
How would he deal with being alone during a working day: Would need to be monitored in the beginning, but should be fine. May start chewing things if he gets bored.
To what extent can he still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? Vulpes would still enjoy an active lifestyle, as long as his hips and back aren't pushed too hard!

Saturn (04th October 2009)

Saturn is a beautiful foxy-looking lady who loves attention. She is fairly small and easy to handle, house trained, and doesn't pull too much anymore. She has had on litter of puppies, and is a great example for younger dogs, as well as being super patient with them!

Ideal new home:Saturn would do best in a loving home where she can get lots of attention. Should be easy with children and other dogs. She doesn't require too much exercise.
How would she deal with being alone during a working day: She should have no problem being alone, as long as she gets enough attention otherwise.
To what extent can she still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? She would enjoy it, and is good at right & left commands (Gee & Haw), even if she is not very fast anymore.

Ouzo (11th February 2011)

Ouzo is the most laid-back boy of his litter. He always looks a little drunk, but is surprisingly energetic and has always had a good work ethic. He is house-trained and friendly, and is quite easy with other dogs. Most of his siblings have already been adopted, so it would be great to find him a forever home too!

Ideal new home:Ouzo is prone to stiff front legs, so he shouldn't run too much in his new home. He is good inside and would probably be fine alone or with another dog.
How would he deal with being alone during a working day: He should be fine, better to monitor in the beginning.
To what extent can he still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? He would probably enjoy it, as long as he isn't pushed too hard.


Mullers (Sep. 2008)

Although Mullers is shy at first, he does warm up tothe guides here. We think he may be a "one person" dog. Once just one person is feeding and walking him, we feel he will become a very loyal dog to his new owner. He is selective with his canine friends, and we feel this comes from a lack of self confidence. This may well improve after some time with one owner and gaining more self assurance.

Ideal new home: A calm house, possibly with another spayed female or easy male canine companion.
How would he deal with being alone during a working day: He would probably be fine alone during the day.
To what extent can he still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? He loves to run, but he can sore elbows or shoulders. So he can run and pull, just not too far and with careful monitoring.

Yena (21 Sept. 2009)

Yena is a shy, gentle, easy dog who doesn't demand anything from anyone. She is happiest peacefully resting alone or with another dog in a quiet room. She still gets excited about walks and outdoor time, though she has calmed down a lot with age. Don't be fooled by her slight flinch when you touch her - once she realises she's getting a nice ear scratch from you, she enjoys being petted. Yena is a lovely old lady who deserves a retirement home as much as her sister, who left in winter 2020/21 and has opened up a lot to her new owners.

Ideal new home: A calm house, possibly with another dog.
How would she deal with being alone during a working day: She should be fine with monitoring in the beginning - Yena has occasionally chewed a few dog beds when bored.
To what extent can she still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? Yena is quite slow now, though she still gets excited to run. She is probably better off going mostly on walks.

Timon (March 2007)

Timon melkein sai adoptio mahdollisuuden viime vuonna, mutta sitten valitettavasti hänelle kehittyi valtava turvotus kaulaansa, joka vaati viikon tutkimusta ja hän menetti mahdollisuutensa. Turvotus oli joko hyperplasiaa tai lymfoomaa, mutta it is currently not being treated (although a hypothyroid condition, which is fairly common in sleddogs, which was discovered at the same time, through blood work, is treated daily with low-cost pills).

Timon oli todella ujo kun saapui meidän farmillemme, mutta hänellä on vahva luonnollisen pelin vaisto, joka oli vain piilossa pelkän ujon käyttäytymisen alla, jonka hän oli oppinut näyttämään. Esimerkiksi heti alusta lähtien hän alkaa haukkua ja heiluttaa häntäänsä saadakseen sinun huomiosi mutta sitten kun lähestyt häntä, hän juoksee pois ja lopulta kun olet antamassa periksi siitä että hän tulisi luoksesi ja olet lähdössä, hän juoksee sinun perääsi ja saattaa jopa nipistää sinua hellästi sanoakseen ’tule takaisin, anna minulle toinen mahdollisuus!’. Me laitoimme hänet eturiville farmilla ja hänestä tuli paljon rohkeampi kauden jälkeen kun asiakkaat olivat lähestyneet häntä herkkujen kanssa, joten nyt hän on siinä vaiheessa että hän tulee jopa tuntemattomia kohti haistelemaan käsiä (siltä varalta että heillä on herkkuja) ja hän leikkii mukavasti ja rakastavaisesti oppaiden kanssa. Hän on valtava, pörröinen ja upea koira, hän on ehdottomasti helppo meidän asteikollamme, mutta kun tulee vuorovaikutusta muihin koiriin, hän ei välttämättä pidä joka urospuolisesta koirasta, joten meidän olisi tarkistettava kuinka hän olisi kotona muiden koirien kanssa.

Ihanteellinen uusi koti: Talo rauhalliseten ihmisten kanssa, ettei hän tule innostumaan liikaa.
Miten hän käyttäytyisi ollessaan yksin työpäivän aikana: Me uskomme että Timon olisi ok päivän aikana, varsinkin jos on koiranpeti tai sohva jossa rentoutua.
Missä määrin voi tehdä vielä canicrossia kesällä / mennä hiihtämään kanssani talvella? Timon nauttii työskentelystä ja tekisi mielellään näitä.