Autumn Farm Training Experiences


3-day Intensive Sleddog Camp

2021 Availability

Week 40: Oct. 9th - 11th Places Available
Week 41: Oct. 16th - 18th Places Available
Week 42: Oct. 23rd - 25th Places Available
Week 43: Oct. 30th - Nov. 1st Places Available

7-day Sleddog Training Course

2021 Availability

Week 41: Oct. 9th - 15th Places Available
Week 42: Oct. 16th - 22nd Places Available
Week 43: Oct. 23rd - 29th Places Available
Week 44: Oct. 30th - Nov. 5th Places Available

Autumn with its spectacular colors is a wonderful time to visit the region. Lapland is visited by more Finnish tourists at this time of year than at any other time of the year. Mosquitoes are no longer present in autumn due to the colder temperatures, but it is still possible to stay outside for a long time. The nights in October are often below 0°C and the mornings are clear and cold, sometimes even with a layer of hoar frost on the ground. The daytime temperatures are pleasant and get progressively colder until the ground is later permanently covered with snow.

Most dogs, especially our lead dogs who run in the front position on the sled, are trained individually in the summer months. In autumn they have the first opportunity to demonstrate their training progress together with a team. While our experienced dogs are reminded of the joy of running together, we introduce the puppies of the previous year to running in the dog team for the first time. No doubt they'll create a bit of a mess.

In the snowless months we start autumn training on quads. When the snow cover is sufficient and the marsh is frozen, we switch to sleds. Depending on the time of your visit and the length of your stay, you may have the opportunity to experience both types of autumn training. Be aware, however, that conditions can be challenging and that you need to be in good physical condition to fully enjoy this experience.

During the autumn training you will not only notice how important it is to choose the right dog combinations for the teams, but you will also see how the dogs develop in their skills and competences from day to day. It is an incredible time of the year to be part of a husky farm and a truly unforgettable experience.

Our 3-day 'taster' gives a small peek into life on a husky farm in autumn. Visitors who take part in the week-long package have enough experience at the end of the week to make their own personal contribution to daily farm life. If you are interested in staying with us even longer, please have a look at our guide training programs.