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How to Give us Feedback


All of our multi-day clients complete feedback forms prior to departure. (These are available online, in winter, so as to reduce environmental impact).

Online feedback forms are accessible in the winter months, when they are most needed, in order to minimise environmental impact.

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Analysing the data from these, helps us to rank and sort the areas both that we excel in and those we need to improve in, in a scientific manner.

Day safari Feedback Formsare also available . These are also accessible online in the winter months, to minimise environmental impact.

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However, many people simply like to write in directly and that is, of course, great too. Anything that helps us to develop our business in a customer-centric way is very useful. Feedback also enables us to give praise where it is due. Our guides work very hard to try to give you the very best possible experience, whether it is on a 2km safari or a 5-day tour, and they love to hear that their efforts have been appreciated.

Feedback Through Social Media

If you checked any social media sites about us before booking, please help the next person in turn. Social media is clearly becoming an increasingly pre-sales decision making tool, so it really helps us a lot when clients take the time to leave reviews on TripAdvisor, in particular. However, we see that people regularly click through to our company Facebook page so leaving reviews either there, or on Google Places (which help us with our rankings in google search engines), are also very useful. Even comments on (your or our) instagram photos (please #HettaHuskies and #ResponsibleMushing) and YouTube videos, help to spread the word.

Feedback from Previous Clients

Extracts from Tripadvisor Reviews

Best Experience of My Life! 3 day Circular Tour”. Me and 3 friends went on the 3 day circular tour with Raya, Pasi and Kit. We helped with harnessing our teams, feeding them and putting them to bed for the night. The experience was unbelievable, sledding through the arctic circle with amazing dogs who love to work hard and also cuddle up to you at night. The food was surprisingly yum for camp food as well!! 

Don't Underestimate A Summer Visit!” We recently visited Hetta Huskies in late summer. It was fantastic. Pasi and Anna treat their dogs very well and it shows as the dogs are very happy to greet visitors and love hugs and pets as much as they love to run and pull. While meeting the dogs along with the owners and guides at the farm was a great experience, my favorite time was hiking with the dogs among the cloudberries, bilberries, crowberries, and so on through the nature trails around Hetta. With a dog tethered to each of us, the climb was surprisingly pleasant as the huskies' natural desire to pull provided extra assistance without hurrying the pace. And the guides were very knowledgable about the flora and fauna as well as the trail systems.

Hetta Huskie Heaven”. It was so exciting to see how the dogs were getting ready for us and so keen to run. They were clearly well looked after and loved, and Anna explained some of her philosophy about running the Huskie Farm and animal welfare, which was very helpful.

Husky perfection.” The thought of this place being described as a 'farm' worried us slightly but from the moment we arrived and met the volunteers and Anna it was exceptionally clear to us that every single one of the dogs are looked after to an outstandingly high level. Anna explained the ins and outs of sleigh driving clearly with humour and friendliness. The location is stunning and it was definitely a moment in life to truly remember out on the lake being pulled by our team of 6 dogs. The hands on nature of the experience just added to our enjoyment. Well done to everyone at Hetta huskies, you are all doing an amazing job.

Brilliant - just bloody brilliant. Unbelievable experience. Wonderful healthy, happy, friendly dogs. Kids enthralled. Well done! So glad this husky experience is done in a responsible manor and dogs are retired and not PTS at the end of their working lives. Felt very looked after!

We did a five day tour: unbelievable experience. My son and I took the five day huskie was tough but one of the great experiences of my life. Owner Parsi and the other guides tried to make it as much five star as possible when you are driving a six dog power sled and staying in basic cabins and having a blizzard one day. The scenery is exceptional , they love the dogs and the dogs love have to really love dogs to do this since some of the dogs sleep in the huts at night...and they are warm on a cold night. You do need to be relatively fit and it does get VERY cold. But this is a once in a lifetime thing to do.

Summer visit to Hetta Huskies. If anyone is traveling to Finland—no matter the time of year—experiencing Lapland is a must! Hands down, I recommend a visit to Hetta Huskies. It really is a true Lappish experience with professionals who are committed not only to the sport and outdoors, but who are dedicated to their animals.

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