Team/Wheel Dog
Working Sleddog
Gender: Castrated Male
Origin: Purchased, Hanne Johansen, Norway 2016
Microship Number: 578097809167022
Weight: 25
Born: 07/07/2012
More About Me:
I came to Hetta Huskies from Hanne Bakken Johansen's place in Alta with my buddy Unni. It took quite a while for the weepy eye I arrived with to settle down and we tried a few different courses of various eye medications before it healed up. I am now a super handsome boy although I have a slightly strange gait when running.
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 7,128km
Season Rank: 183rd / 224
Usual Position: Team/Wheel Dog
Mother x Father: Unknown. / Unknown
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog Portion
Usual Partner: Osman, Hendrix, Eureka, Bino
Bad Combination With: