Working Sleddog
Gender: Spayed Female
Origin: Purchased, Martin Andre Aslaksen, Norway, 2017
Microship Number: 578097809147817
Weight: 27
Born: 11/04/2011
More About Me:
I arrived at Hetta Huskies in late May, 2017, at the age of 6, from the farm of Martin André Aslaksen, along with 2 of my female pups, who were 9 months old at the time. I am registered with <a href="http://racedogs.org/details.php?id=73276"> <b>racedogs.org</b> </a> and am a long-legged dog. My sister is Martin's best leader but I am a better point dog. I was sold since I wasn't the very best he had, I only had 2-3 years left as a race dog and he already had (7) pups from me who would be only enough to compete next year as well as plans to get more from my line from my sister. I have good feet and OK fur but I am a little challenging with other female dogs if they are similar to me. I am OK with easy female dogs but I am normally run with males and have been living with one of my male pups. I am actually pretty good when running even with annoying males since I am good at getting them to be quiet. With pups, I can be OK but if they are really annoying at a stop, for instance, they might get put a little too much in their place. I ran a 2-day race with Sirbma in 2016 and have never had any notable injuries in my career.
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 5,154km
Season Rank: 13th / 224
Usual Position: Lead Dog
Mother x Father: Vilje / Rush
Usual Feeding Categories: Big dog
Usual Partner:
Bad Combination With: