Oldish Working Sleddog
Gender: Castrated Male
Origin: Original HH Dog, Juha-Pekka, Finland, 2008
Microship Number: 985121009897334
Age: 12
Weight: 22
Born: 01/02/2007
More About Me:
I am one of the best lead dogs on the farm and when I am leading, you may even see my tail wag. At other times, I am so quiet that you might forget that I am there! If you confuse me with my sister, Sanna you can either look at the obvious difference (I am a boy), or look at our eyes—they are quite different. Bizarrly, folk still mix my sister and I up. Samu is slimmer and has floppy ears and more white in the face. Sanna is a bit wider, one ear tends to be pointy, white stripe in her face looks asymmetrical, she is usually more shy and will bark at you.
Safari Distance Category: 20km max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 15,800km
Season Rank: 190th / 224
Usual Position: Star Lead Dog
Mother x Father: No Records Kept by Juha Peka / No Records Kept by Juha Peka
Siblings: Sanna.
Usual Feeding Categories: Big dog
Usual Partner: Aki, Banda, Bonzo, Buddha, Eros, Hickory, Jupi, Much, Odin, Ouzo, Pekki, Pluto, Sausage, Timur, Bella, Diva, Pinky, Sanna, (Cherry, Madonna)
Bad Combination With: Save