Working Sleddog
Gender: Castrated Male
Origin: Bred In-House, HH's Own
Microship Number: 900032002921844
Age: 8
Weight: 19
Born: 19/06/2011
More About Me:
I am fluffy, friendly and maybe a little fat. Like my brother Miyagi, I was castrated to help me be more friendly towards other dogs. I have bad eyes and when the sun is shining bright on the snow, the reflections may be too strong and I might need to come inside since I suffer from a condition similar to Panus. I was luckily in Hetta just before Anna and Pasi gave up managing the Valimaa farm so they kept me because they knew how expensive the daily medication I would need, would be. The guides keep trying to get me to wear 'doggles' (doggy goggles) in the Spring, which is pretty funny.
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 14,780km
Season Rank: 44th / 224
Usual Position: Team/Wheel Dog
Mother x Father: HH Maija / HH Hamppu
Siblings: Midori, Mimosa, Half-sibling: Ronnie.
Usual Feeding Categories: Fat dog Portion
Usual Partner: Arun, Bono, Buddha, Hawthorne, Herbie, Hickory, Shadow, Simba, Sisu, Soda, (Nakat), Mimosa, Saturn, (Midori)
Bad Combination With: