Older Working Sleddog
Gender: Female
Origin: New Home Request, T. Metzner, Sweden, 2009
Microship Number: 900032002921865
Age: 11
Weight: 19
Born: 01/09/2008
More About Me:
I am also one of Bandit’s pups. Arguably the bravest, of the girls, but still very shy. You will notice that you are getting somewhere with me for the first time when I don’t run from you but simply wait, in a corner, for your approach. After that, I may nip in to sniff you and then dart away but eventually I will trust you.
Safari Distance Category: 30km max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 13,530km
Season Rank: 182nd / 224
Usual Position: Team/Wheel Dog
Mother x Father: Bandit / Unknown
Siblings: Mighty, Minnie, Meggy, Muller.
Usual Feeding Categories: Big dog
Usual Partner: Amber, Indigo, Meggy, Midori, Minnie,Okra, Olive, Saturn, Vivi, Much, Mullers
Bad Combination With: Hulda, Pinky, Trouble, (Mighty)