Working Sleddog
Gender: Male
Origin: Purchased, Rune Røksland, Lakselv, Norway, 2017 (+4792488898)
Microship Number: 578097809151558
Age: 9
Weight: 28
Born: 10/01/2010
More About Me:
I came to Hetta Huskies from the same farm as Seljeli and Bolle. I'm quiet and shy, except at feeding time when I'm really noisy and impatient! I have previously been a lead dog but sometimes I find the job overwhelming and am more happy to run at the back of the team. Even though I'm pretty easy, loud, boisterous dogs can spook me so I need a well-behaved partner.
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 5,678km
Season Rank: 6th / 224
Usual Position: Lead Dog
Mother x Father: Unknown / Unknown
Usual Feeding Categories: Fat dog Portion
Usual Partner: Yena, Bolle, Eureka, Kailash, Herbie, Cherry, Japp, Svale, O Pups,
Bad Combination With: