Area Attractions

The municipality of Enontekiö is located at the intersection of three national borders, close to the Arctic Ocean. We have the purest air in Europe, 8 (vs 4) clearly distinct seasons, 62 days of midnight sun in the summer, 200 days of 'winter' and c. 1 month of polar night. We also have 350 fells, 825 lakes, 200 kilometers of ski trails, 600 kilometers of snowmobile trails and 227 species of birds.

In terms of terrain, the great fells of Enontekiö, such as Saana and Malla in Kilpisjärvi, stand watch over the nation’s oldest nature reserve, and are part of the national landscape. Even in the Lappish scale, this is a legendary and impressive great fell region.

Closer to home, our farm lies close to the largest village in the region, at the northern edge of Europe's great boreal forests. Just 20km north of our base, the taiga landscape gives way to the high tundra and exposed, treeless arctic pleateaus.

A good source of information information map produced by the regional marketing board which looks at the multitude of adventure activity options available in the area, in some detail.

Another useful resource is 'Retkipaikka', a website where people post details about their wilderness trips so that others can effectively read trip reports and facilitate their own journey planning.

What’s Nearby?

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