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  • Accommodation close to Hetta

    There are a number of holiday centres and private cabins available for hire located in the small villages around Hetta and these can be suitable bases if you have personal transport. More information can be found on the Enontekiö website and on the Lapland tourism website.

    FYI: Although we don't recommend that our own multiday clients choose any of these options - since we believe that it is more fun for you if you stay with others from your group pre and post safari - we obviously believe that this is a great place to have a relaxing but outdoor vacation.

    More information about private holiday cottages which are available for rent in Hetta (the municipal centre of Enontekiö), Nunnanen, Leppäjärvi and Palojärvi can be found on the Villipohjola website: the main wilderness cabin website for Finland in general.


    In addition to Kelotin Rantamajat Holiday Village and Fell Centre Galdotieva, there are other private tourist enterprises renting holiday cottages in both Leppäjärvi and Palojärvi.

    Kelotin Rantamajat Holiday Village in Leppäjärvi:
    Kelotin Rantamajat is located on the shore of Lake Leppäjärvi, c. 20km north of Hetta en route to Kautokeino. It is a wonderful family-owned and run holiday village which serves as a great base for hunting, fishing and cloudberry picking. There are about 45 beds available in 2 – 8-bed cabins and the restaurant facilities here, (available only to guests), are some of the best in the area. More information can be found from: www.kelotinrantamajat.com

    Fell Center Galdotieva in Palojärvi:
    Fell Center Galdotieva is the closest accommodation option to the Norwegian border on the Kautokeino road, 27 kilometres from the village of Hetta and directly on the snowmobile routes which lead from the west and north. It can accommodate 50 guests across 10 different cabins and their 4 cottages have a kitchenette, shower, toilet, sauna, fireplace, TV and beds for 4-8 people in two floors. The saunas by the lake can also be rented for private use.

    The reception, restaurant-café, corner shop and gas station are in the main building and you can enquire there about the services available to campers and caravaners in summer. More information can be found from +358 528 630.


    Lakka-Hetta cabin, located by lake Muotkajärvi, between Hetta and Palojoensu, has 2 bedrooms, a sauna and shower and an outdoor wood-heated sauna and BBQ. In addition to a fully equipped kitchen, there is a laudry machine and dryer, radio, TV, VCR and fire place. Contact: olli.harkonen[at]luosto.info Tel. +358 400 211 86 / +358 400 211 86.

    Muotkajärvi Holiday House
    Nestled on the shore of Lake Muotkajärvi, this small holiday cabin owned by a friendly English-speaking Finn, sleeps 6-8.


    Ketojärvi Cabin
    This 70 m2wilderness cabin with bed space for 11 people is located 24 km SE of Enontekiö, on the shore of Lake Ketojärvi. The next nearest inhabited house is 5 km away and you also need to walk or ski c. 5km (from the roadhead sign for Kolatusjärventie) to get there. It has a roomy living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and sauna but no electricity or running water. A liquid gas heater with huge fireplace is used also for cooking and there is a container for heating water in, in the sauna. Illumination comes from candles and oil lamps and drinking and washing water comes from the lake. A basic cooking and dining set is included, as is a rowing boat on the lake where the most common fish caught are perch and white fish. Contact: www.ounasloma.fi

    Ketomella Cabins: c. 30km from Hetta
    Kosti Stoor (tel. 0400 163 154) offers wilderness cabins and catering services in Ketomella in a beautiful location just off the main Ounasjöki river.

    Uusikartanon Mökit
    These self-catering cabins which are available for from 50€/ 7 days, are located about 40 km east of Hetta, near Nunnanen village. Riekkotörmä, built in 1984, is a 6-bed log cabin, with a living area, kitchenette, fire place, electric heating, dry toilet, sauna and a loft. It also comes complete with a rowing boat which can be used on Lake Vieltojärvi, just 100 metres away. Kotkanpesä: built at the same time, is a 4-bed log cabin which is fully equipped with gas appliances, fireplace, sauna, and a rowing boat for lake Suttijärvi, only 50 metres away, but no electricity. Vieltojärvi: built in 1997, is a 6-bed, 60 m2 log cabin with an open plan kitchen, loft and living area. It has electric heating and a fireplace, sauna and a dry toilet. Lake Vieltojärvi, a few steps away, has the perfect shore for swimming. Käkkälö, built in 1987, is a very compact 4-bed 16 m2 log cabin. Despite being small, it has all you need from a small kitchen to a sauna and outdoors toilet. The Käkkälöjoki river runs right pass the cabin and you can ask for a boat or snowmobile transfer to the cabin for an extra charge.


    In Nunanen (where the road divides south towards Pallas and northeast towards Kalmakaltio) there are also private tourist enterprises renting holiday cottages as well as tent and caravan spots.


    Air BnB

    A very affordable option, albiet in the middle of no-where (great for Northern Lights watching) are a couple of small Air BnB cabins between Muonio and Hetta owned by a friendly English-speaking host. To use this facility you will need your own car. Cabin 1 Cabin 2. All of the current (March 2017) Air BnB options around Hetta can be seen on this map.