Winter Safety and Skill-Development Courses

This section of our website is targeted at professional adventurers and those who work in tourism since we run a number of winter safety-related training courses on demand, alongside our standard tourism products. These include basic and advanced navigation courses, avalanche safety and awareness sessions, mountain and glacier training courses and bush-craft and survival courses (dealt with primarily in another section of the website).

For professionals in the industry, we are also accredited to train and deliver the Travel Industry Safety Passport course which leads to one a certificate which is one of Finland's few safety standards in tourism.

We offer a standard Finnish first aid qualification with optional add-on modules which may, for instance, simply be a theoretical journey into the world of cold and cold-related risks, (avoidance and injury management) or may involving realistic arctic role playing scenarios developing cold safety awareness and action. We are also currently looking at developing an arctic-specific wilderness first aid training product with international specialists.

Finally, for those preparing for extreme polar adventures, we run customised expedition skill-development courses on one of the best preparation grounds in Europe. Forget Norway and its alpine environment...Finland offers true arctic conditions on the high plateaus which far more closely mimic the conditions you will encounter in Antarctica.