Guided Farm Visits with taster rides

You can experience the thrill of running with the dogs year round.

In summer and autumn you can mush on dryland using quadbikes or trollcarts. Book Now! Alternatively, for those who are a bit more adventurous, we all pulled by the dogs whilst on either fat-max scooters or fatbikes.

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In winter, of course, we use sleds!

Book online now!
Husky Taster Rides 2km Summer Troll Cart/Quad Experience 2km Fatmax / Bikejoring Experience 2km Winter Sleigh Ride 4km version of taster rides
Distance 2km 2km 2km 4km
Price per adult €42 €42 €42 +€10 on top of the 2km price
Price per child
(age 3-11)
€32 €32 €32 +€10 on top of the 2km price