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How your school can take part

The hands and feet expedition provides lots of opportunities for young people of all ages to take part, and has already been integrated into the curriculum of several Scottish schools; offering an exciting and real time adventure for all to share. First of all, schools can keep a track of the team's progress via our regular blog from the ice cap, as well as watching our progress via the map page.

Here are a few ideas for teachers:


A great role-play is to provide the scenario that the pupils are on a school trip to Iceland, but they have crash landed on the ice cap. With no chance of a rescue they must walk back to the coast if they are to survive. First, they must work out how long it will take to walk to the coast, and make a list of all the things they can use, or improvise in order to make the journey safely. Next they need to work out what they will be able to use, what they will realistically be able to carry with them and what needs to be left behind.

Information Technology

Create a simple website based around a future school trip, with the aim being to update it while away from school. Use whatever technology you have at your disposal, including mobile phones, digital cameras and wireless laptops or handheld computers.


Of all the school projects the team are involved in, this is by far the most exciting. The starting point is that to get all the children to think of a challenge that is possible for them to achieve. So far this has ranged from a boy who wanted to mountain bike down a hard man-made trail, a girl who wanted to get back into horse riding after breaking her arm, and several people who just wanted to be nicer to their brothers and sisters. Next, they have to make a plan on how to carry this out, (the 'how' part!) and then move on to mapping out just how they can achieve their goal. The 'now' part happens when they realise that their goals are really feasible and they step forward to put them into action, and the wow should hopefully be self-explanatory.


Schools can get involved by thinking up ways of fundraising for this and future trips, and so far this has included sponsored walks and swims, cake bakes and even tire pulling (all the team have used tires for training, pulling them long distances in order to recreate how it will feel pulling 100kg pulks.

Get in touch with your questions

If teachers have questions, now matter how bizarre, please get in touch, even if you just want to know how much toilet roll we'll use on the journey! One of our sponsors phoned to ask why, when looking at the map of Greenland, it was all just coloured in, in white. She asked if the ice-cap had ever been mapped or not! Do you know the answer?

For more information about about how schools can interact with the expedition go to Careers Scotland website.

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